Limestone houses in the Burgos village of Bárcena de Bureba, bought by a Dutch couple. R. C.
A whole village in Spain for just 339,000 euros

A whole village in Spain for just 339,000 euros

A Dutch couple are the new owners of an abandoned village in Burgos with 62 houses and a church; their aim is to turn it into an eco-village and attract residents and tourists

Aythami Pérez Miguel

Bárcena de Bureba

Friday, 23 February 2024


An abandoned village in the province of Burgos in northern Spain has been sold in its entirety to buyers from the Netherlands. Bárcena de Bureba, which belongs to the municipality of Abajas, near Miranda de Ebro, has had no residents for more than 50 years; now, its new owners, a middle-aged Dutch couple, aim to breathe new life into the streets and the surrounding area by turning it into an eco-village. For less than 340,000 euros they have acquired 62 buildings, a church and half a dozen farms covering some six hectares. Bárcena de Bureba was the largest village in Spain that was up for sale, according to Aldeas Abandonadas, a real estate agency specialising in this type of asset that closed the deal.

The sale of Bárcena de Bureba "has been quick", said Elvira Fafian of the agency. "You have to bear in mind that for this type of transaction you have to see if the village fits with the project and objective that the buyers have. In this case, the village has water and electricity supply, and these Dutch investors were clear about what they were looking for," explained Fafian.

Although its sale has not taken long, considering the time at which it was put on the market, is was sold for a sum significantly below the original asking price. It went on the market at 525,000 euros, and this was knocked down to the final figure of 339,000 euros.

The buyers are Dutch investors whose plan is to revamp the 62 houses in Bárcena de Bureba and cultivate the adjoining land. In doing so, they seek to breathe new life into the village - uninhabited since the 1970s - and, by extension, this part of the province of Burgos. Their idea is to optimise the natural and economic resources of the area and create an eco-village for residential and tourism purposes. "An ambitious project for this village in the so-called 'empty Spain'," said the real estate company, referring to the expression 'España vaciada', used to describe to effects of decades of rural populations moving to larger towns and cities to live and work.

The attractions

This rural environment offers possibilities for those thinking of settling there. In the province of Burgos, there is growing interest from tourism companies and people able to work remotely who prefer the peace and quiet of the countryside to the hustle and bustle of the city. In the district of La Bureba meadows, fields of crops and streams follow one after the other, forming a beautiful natural enclave not far from the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage path.

Aldeas Abandonadas has villages and hamlets for sale on its website in a dozen regions of Spain, especially in Galicia, with around forty places on offer.

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