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Tailor Retail Makers, specialists in business implementation
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Tailor Retail Makers, specialists in business implementation

Wednesday, 18 January 2023, 18:45


Tailor was born from Bilba, a family-run construction company with more than 400 employees, backed by the Sinerba Group and which has grown nationwide, inspired by values of responsibility, attention to detail and maximum involvement.

Experience at your service

Tailor bring added value to the setting up of your business implementation, as turn-key projects and interior fit-out specialists, from the design and project phase to the execution of the construction work, fixtures and fittings, and after-sales maintenance, applying their 360º methodology.

They provide each project with their own technical and operational team that works in constant collaboration with design, architecture and engineering studios to provide the client with the specific solution to their needs in each case with the best specialists.

Tailor’s constant interaction with supplier firms allows them to be familiar with and apply the latest innovations in materials, products and solutions in each project.

Their designs are based on strategies for safer spaces and healthier communities, and they work with a complete vision of the projects thanks to BIM integrated design, achieving high levels of efficiency, process optimization and adequate management of resources.

They accompany their clients in their business expansions in every sector, with no geographical limits. Leading firms in all sectors across the country have chosen to trust them.

Featured project: 'Aedas Flagship' in Salamanca Distric, Madrid

Tailor Retail Makers has been responsible for carrying out the work on the Flagship for Aedas Homes in the heart of Madrid’s Salamanca district, designed by the Joaquín Puget architect’s studio.

The installation was carried out in a 1,300 sqm commercial space spread over two storeys located at the corner of Calle Padilla and Calle Velázquez, in Madrid’s Salamanca district. The developers use the building for administrative and internal creative tasks, customer presentations and events.

The Aedas Flagship is an innovative space designed to create experiences with the developers’ customers, therefore, as well as an office area where the interior design and commercial teams work, it has singular exhibition and interactive spaces, branching out from a spectacular reception and waiting room, where a personalisation journey begins with customers to obtain detailed information on Aedas’ developments and personalisations.

Of particular note is the 360-degree immersion hall that transports customers to a virtual world that shows them what their future home would be like and a complete exhibition of the developers’ different types of kitchen. The first floor also houses a multifunctional hall and another event zone and terrace with show-cooking, bioclimatic pergolas and jacuzzi among other details.

Aedas Flagship Madrid.
Aedas Flagship Madrid. JAVIER BRAVO

A real-scale 100 sqm show home has been built in the semi-basement, a space that works as a sensory zone. The property has a lounge-dining room, open-plan kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, has underfloor and ceiling heating and is fully automated. That floor also includes an experimental area where customers can see samples of different bathroom ambiences, dressing room areas, an area with gymnasium packs, a recharging point, solar panels and a personalisation locking tablet with three boxes.

Juan Manuel Mancebo, CEO of Tailor Retail Makers, highlights the synchronisation with the design team and the property to achieve the execution of the project in a short period of time, fine-tuning its definition during the execution, and makes special mention of the integration of numerous digital tools such as video walls, digital screens and projectors throughout the space and in the immersive room.

With this project, Tailor Retail Makers reinforces their position in the sector, under the "turnkey model" as a strategic partner that provides experience, guarantee and specialisation to companies in the process of implementing their workspaces.

 Aedas Flagship Madrid.
Aedas Flagship Madrid. JAVIER BRAVO

Featured project: Dunique modular sales office. Prime invest in Marbella

Tailor Retail Makers was responsible for building and installing the sales office for the Dunique luxury home development located in Marbella.

The office was created through an industrialised modular construction system. This system reduces assembly times by manufacturing the modules with all the fittings in the factory, transporting them and placing them directly on site. It consists of 4 modules and they were transported and installed in less than 48 hours.

By using assembled modular structures, they were able to create a unique and spectacular design, creating a bright, open-plan space with panoramic views of the dunes and the sea.

Design is present both outside and within, where the never-ending curves and finishes stand out. Equipped to satisfy the needs of the most demanding clients, it has a reception area, lounge, kitchen, bathroom and work rooms. All of this provides a perfect combination of quality and execution time, which provides a quick solution to the most demanding projects.

Juan Manuel Mancebo, CEO of Tailor Retail Makers, highlights this project as the best example of how modular construction can be included in the luxury sector, providing the advantages of prefabrication with the most demanding designs and finishes.

Tailor Retail Makers carries out the designs, re-engineering, manufacture, installation and logistics of modular projects for singular work spaces, homes and exhibition areas.

Pictures taken by Fer Gómez

Dunique Marbella.
Dunique Marbella. FER GÓMEZ

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