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How to prepare for selling your Spanish home
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How to prepare for selling your Spanish home

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Monday, 4 December 2023, 16:58


As important it is to make a plan when you buy a new home, it is equally important to be aware of the selling process in Spain. If you are well prepared you will be able to avoid unpleasant surprises! Regarding legal, economical, practical and mental issues.

The first step in the selling process is normally to make a decision whether you want to use a real estate agent for the job or not and, of course, if you want to work with one exclusive agency or use several companies at the same time. Many sellers think that they will increase the chances of selling their property, if they employ many different agencies. Or that they can save money by doing the job themselves.

But working with several agencies means that no one is fully committed and that you yourself still have to coordinate the viewings. And that can be quite exhausting! If you are prepared to do a full-time job to sell and market your property, you can definitely save the commission fee, but no property sells itself. You need to have a huge network, the right marketing channels and invest money in them. Not forgetting how to negotiate if you are lucky to get an offer!

If you choose one exclusive agency that company will do everything in its power to sell the property and it will market it both to direct clients and to other agencies, so you automatically cover all possibilities. They will make a professional portfolio including pictures, floor plan and video tour. Furthermore, they will be the filter so you only have to deal with one person through a rather stressful process. They will also guide you regarding which documents you need to present and what costs and taxes you can expect, which is crucial to know when you decide the asking price.

Except for the legal and economical issues, you need to prepare the house for both the photo shoot and the viewings. Everybody thinks that their home is lovely, but when it comes to selling it, you need to make it as neutral and minimalistic as possible; cleaning, removing personal things, maybe even painting a wall if you have a colour that stands out. Another important detail is to make sure all the light sources works properly.

Last but not least, prepare yourself with a good deal of patience. In Spain it normally takes a few months to sell a property, even if it is a good one that is priced correctly. Many clients visit quite a few houses before they make up their mind, so if you are lucky to have an attractive house, you will most probably have to receive a lot of interested clients before the final buyers walks through the door. If you are not here, make sure the agency have the key!

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