Guitarist Rob Sas (2l) and his tribute band, Deeper Purple. SUR
Marking a decade of recreating the iconic anthems of Deep Purple

Marking a decade of recreating the iconic anthems of Deep Purple

Founded on the coast in 2014, Deeper Purple are embarking on a lengthy tour of the UK, along with dates in Malaga, Granada and Madrid

Tony Bryant

Costa del Sol

Friday, 12 April 2024, 16:24


In order to mark their tenth anniversary, Deeper Purple, the most authentic tribute to one of the greatest British rock bands of all time, will embark on a lengthy tour of the UK next week, before heading to Spain to perform in Madrid, Granada and Malaga. The band, which was founded by Rob Sas on the Costa del Sol in May 2014, consists of a group of established professional musicians from Spain, Germany, the UK and Greece. Their two-hour show has been praised by celebrated musicians and critics alike, including Paul Morris (Rainbow) and Steve Morse (Deep Purple).

"While Deep Purple themselves don't actually endorse us; they are very well aware of what we do," Sas told SUR in English.

Sas first saw Deep Purple in the early 1970s. He began playing guitar when he was 18, after purchasing his first Fender Stratocaster (which he still has) in the legendary Manny's Music, in New York.

Over the last decade, his band have performed regularly in Spain, and especially in the UK, where they have toured annually since 2016. Last year, they performed at the Tollwood Winter festival in Munich, which Sas described as "probably one of the highlights for us".

The 67-year-old said, "I am very proud of the band, because we have come a very long way from our first gigs back in 2014."

UK gigs

The 14-date UK tour kicks off in Darwen on 17 April and will take in venues throughout the country, including The Waterloo in Blackpool, which Sas describes as the band's "second home", The Brook in Southampton, another regular venue for the group, along with two O2 academy gigs in Islington and Oxford.

"We have played many of these venues before and we have a very good following in the UK. We see a lot of familiar faces and some new ones. The audience seems to be getting younger again, either that, or we are getting older," he says, bursting into laughter.

The band's repertoire includes some of Deep Purple's classic songs from the Made in Japan live album, along with a selection of songs from the band's multiple lineups.

"You must play Smoke on the Water, and you really have to do Highway Star. My favourites include Burn, Knocking at Your Back Door, and Child in Time, because I get a break at each end with a big solo in the middle," he says, smiling profusely.

Loud and energetic

Deeper Purple, who Sas describes as "pretty damn loud", deliver an energetic reproduction of the original band's live shows, and although the objective is to offer "an authentic a tribute as possible", he points out that "one of the beauties about this band is that we have fun on stage".

"The audience is going to see a great representation of a fantastic band with an excellent pedigree. There is always some humour going on, but we offer a good show full of hits performed to a very high level. We do the best job we can at delivering a powerful tribute to one of the biggest bands of its generation," Rob concluded.

Tickets and details of all their gigs on the tour can be found at:

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