Steve at home working on the set list for the Pink Floyd show. SUR.
Large-scale musical experience to be expat musician's swansong

Large-scale musical experience to be expat musician's swansong

Steve Hughes is the man behind the Pink Floyd Experience, a show involving 15 musicians to be held in Benalmádena next May



Friday, 4 November 2022, 12:41


One of the Costa del Sol's most popular entertainers is organising what he claims will be one of the most spectacular and adventurous shows of 2023.

Steve Hughes, known artistically as One Wish Steve, is the musician behind The Pink Floyd Experience, a large-scale production involving around 15 Spanish and British musicians that will be staged in Benalmádena on Saturday 27 May 2023.

Steve has built his reputation performing at venues all along the coast with his various musical shows, and he has become respected for his charity events, which have raised thousands of euros for cancer research and other worthy causes.

Prior coming to Spain in 2001, Steve recorded a song to raise money for the Macmillan nurses, and has since raised several thousand euros for Cudeca and other causes, like the butterfly children charity, Debra.

Being a lifelong Pink Floyd fan, the 73-year-old musician came up with the idea for what he says will be his "epilogue" to a musical career that has spanned almost 50 years.

The Calahonda-based performer began contacting many of his contemporaries along the coast with the aim of getting the project off the ground, and he says he was "amazed" at the response he received.

"I began putting the word out at the beginning of the summer and it all came together pretty fast. Everyone was very keen to become involved, which surprised me, because all of the musicians have their own bands or solo careers," Steve explained to SUR in English.

The ensemble includes popular musicians like Lucy Pardoe and Ollie Hughes, along with Layla Vocalist, Dex Park, Joaquín Viera, Christian Valdes Arrua, Mark Anders, Ruth and Craig Norris and, of course, Steve. The band also includes two guest artists, Mama Paula, one of the coast's stalwart blues musicians; and Steve Seviour, another talented member of the Costa's music sector.

Due to the scale of the project, the musicians and vocalists are currently rehearsing their individual contributions at home, prior to the full band rehearsals, which will begin later this month.

Steve has also involved other friends to help run the behind-the-scenes activity, and these include Steve Owen, Steve Hill and Mark Foulis, along with local concert photographer James Yeadon.

"It is going to be a big production and there will be a lot more going on than the music. There will be a fantastic light and stage show which will give the feel of a real Pink Floyd concert, although I must stress that this is not a tribute show, it will be an experience," Steve said.

Steve is currently in contact with Benalmádena town hall, which is supporting the event by offering the use of a venue large enough to host the show.

The show will include many of Pink Floyd's most iconic hits, which will include everything from pioneering albums like Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and The Wall, to the recently recorded Hey Hey Rise Up, the song the band produced to support the people of Ukraine. For this number, the band will be joined by three Ukrainian singers.

"This is something I have always wanted to do, but it's a large-scale project that has taken a lot of planning, although it is coming together nicely. We are all very excited about taking it out there to the public," the musician concluded.

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