Foam strips for windows are cheap and easy to install.
Keeping draughts out and heat in

Keeping draughts out and heat in


Tips and tricks to keep cosy in the winter months

Friday, 27 January 2023, 10:51


As the winter weather starts to bite, with some simple DIY you can make your home a lot cosier during the cold months.

The most effective measure is to exclude draughts. Not only will this prevent cold air entering it also reduces the amount of heat lost from a property.

For windows you can fit self-adhesive foam strips - these are cheap and easy to install.

The longer lasting alternatives are metal or plastic strips with attached brushes.

Whichever you use, take time to choose the right size for a good, snug, fit. Don't be tempted to buy a strip that is larger than the gap as this will be crushed.

For sliding sash windows, foam strips do not work well. With these it's best to fit brush strips. And if you have windows that don't open, use a silicone sealant.

Draught-proofing external doors is key. For the gap at the bottom of the door use a brush strip or a hinged flap draught excluder. For the gaps around the edges fit foam or brush strips.

Cold air

Internal doors need draught-proofing if they lead to a room you don't normally heat, such as a spare room. Keep those doors closed to stop the cold air from moving into the rest of the house.

If there is a gap at the bottom of the door, block it with a draught excluder - one made out of material that can be easily moved works well.

Internal doors between two heated rooms don't need draught-proofing, as you don't lose energy when warm air circulates.


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