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Da Vinci robot, the best weapon against prostate cancer

Clínica Premium Marbella has the most advanced surgical system for minimally invasive surgeries

Robotics plays a key role in many sectors of our society, and one of the most important is unquestionably the healthcare sector. In recent years, surgical robotics has evolved substantially to the point where Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality are present in operating theatres for the benefit of both surgeons and patients.

A clear example of this is the Da Vinci surgical robot, the most advanced surgical system that currently exists to perform the most complex interventions with a minimally invasive approach, and which is available at the Clínica Premium in Marbella.

With technology designed by NASA engineers, the Da Vinci surgical robot is the pinnacle of robotic surgery. Its versatility allows it to be used in numerous surgical specialities, from urology to general surgery, gynaecology, thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, paediatric surgery and otorhinolaryngology, although its main field of application is in urology and, specifically, prostate cancer, the most frequent tumour in men and the second cause of cancer deaths in men (after lung cancer).

With this acquisition, Clínica Premium Marbella opens up an almost infinite field of surgical possibilities and consolidates its position as a benchmark in urology in Andalusia.

The main characteristic of the Da Vinci Robot Prostate Cancer Operation is that it increases safety by minimising the risks of conventional open surgery and possible human error thanks to the safety systems implemented in the process. A technique that provides maximum precision and minimises the need for transfusions during the operation, as well as pain and postoperative complications and the length of hospital stay, which translates into a better and faster recovery. In addition, the Da Vinci robot substantially improves the prognosis for preserving erectile potency and urinary continence.

As Dr Gonzalo Sanz, Head of Service at Clínica Premium, explains "currently, radical robotic prostatectomy is the treatment of choice for prostate cancer with curative intent." Together with Dr Sanz, Dr Juan Arocena, Head of Service at Vithas Xanit International Hospital, has performed several interventions. "These include," explains Arocena, "cystectomies and radical prostatectomies. In the first, bladder cancer is completely removed while maintaining urethral urination through the creation of a neobladder."

More precision and greater safety

Dr Emilio Julve stresses that "one of the main advantages of this system is that it allows for more precise surgery, with less bleeding, less risk of post-surgical infection and shorter hospital stays and recovery." For his part, Dr Javier García Penit points out that "the Da Vinci robotic surgery system is the only robotic system that translates the surgeon's movements intuitively, allowing a real three-dimensional view of the surgical field."

"It is," Drs Jorge Soler and Ramón Bonilla add, "the most advanced surgical system currently available to perform the most complex operations using a minimally invasive approach."

A benchmark on the Costa del Sol

Since its foundation in 2007, Clínica Premium has become the main private medical specialities clinic on the Costa del Sol. It has a comprehensive team of more than 80 specialists whose level of training, extensive professional experience and recognised national and even international prestige have made Clínica Premium a benchmark in private healthcare on the Costa del Sol, and it is especially at the forefront in Urology, a field in which it is recognised throughout Andalusia.

The team that performs the operations with the Da Vinci robot is made up of doctors Juan Arocena, Gonzalo Sanz, Emilio Julve, Javier García-Penit, Ramón Bonilla and Jorge Soler. All of them are surgeons who are members of the Spanish Urology Association with practices at Clínica Premium Marbella (C/San Juan Bosco, 6 - 673633220) and at the Instituto de Urología de Málaga (C/Echegaray, 4 - 952 222 735).

For more information, visit http://www.clinicapremium.com.