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Premium Clinic incorporates innovative robotic surgery techniques
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Premium Clinic incorporates innovative robotic surgery techniques

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The Marbella clinic adds the Da Vinci and Aquabeam systems to its catalog of medical services, minimally invasive treatments to treat prostate pathologies.



Thursday, 9 May 2024


In its constant commitment to medical innovation, the Premium Marbella clinic once again places itself at the medical forefront thanks to the recent incorporation into its service catalog of two advanced robotic surgery techniques: the Da Vinci and Aquabeam systems, both minimally invasive techniques. to treat prostate cancer and prostate benign hyperplasia.

Prostate cancer is the most common tumor and the second cause of cancer mortality in men (behind lung cancer). It occurs when tumor cells are located in the prostate. When the tumor is in its initial phase, Radical Prostatectomy allows the cells causing the tumor to be completely eliminated.

Precisely in this type of surgical intervention is the Da Vinci system, the most advanced robotic surgery technique to perform the most complex and least invasive interventions in prostate surgery. To operate with this new system, Clínica Premium has a renowned team of specialized surgeons, members of the Spanish Association of Urology (AEU).

Doctor Sanz next to the Da Vinci system robot. Premium Clinic

Thanks to the Robot's high-definition 3D endoscopic camera, the surgeon can see the prostate gland from all angles, being able to perform a more complete and precise job. This visibility and the maneuverability of the Da Vinci Robot tools allow 360º movements to be carried out and in positions impossible for the human wrist. The surgery concludes with the removal of the entire prostate, minimizing damage to the muscles and nerves responsible for urinary continence and erection, something more complicated in open procedures or traditional laparoscopy.

The use of the Da Vinci system provides the surgeon with greater security in the surgical technique, which represents a great benefit for the patient, who faces a less traumatic intervention, with minimal incisions, less bleeding, a less painful and faster post-operative period, with a shorter hospitalization and a faster and better return to normal life than expected.

Aquabeam System

On the other hand, the AQUABEAM System is an advanced and minimally invasive technique to treat Benign Prostate Hyperplasia. A precise technique that allows the surgeon to visualize the prostate in real time, allowing him to accurately map the parts of the prostate that need to be removed.

Dr. Sanz and his team during a surgical intervention.

AQUABEAM solves the problems caused by an enlarged prostate, without putting the patient at risk and with fewer side effects than traditional techniques, in addition to a faster recovery. It can be carried out on any type of prostate, especially large prostates. Its great advantages are greater precision for the surgeon and better recovery and preservation of urinary continence and sexual function for the patient.

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