Manuel Castro Gil from DiabetesCERO and Nerea Galdos-Little from Specsavers Ópticas Marbella. SUR
Major optical chain in Spain joins forces with charity to help find cure for Type 1 diabetes

Major optical chain in Spain joins forces with charity to help find cure for Type 1 diabetes

There are collection tins and events happening in all nine Specsavers Ópticas stores on the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and in Mallorca



Monday, 4 March 2024, 11:19


A major optical chain in Spain, Specsavers Ópticas, has signed an agreement to fundraise for the charity DiabetesCERO throughout 2024, and help them find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. The company aims to raise over €5,000 for the charity, to fund important research projects in Spain in their quest for a cure.

During the fundraising period, stores on the Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca and in Mallorca will be taking part in challenges and activities to raise funds. They will also be talking to customers and local residents about diabetic retinopathy, one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in the world.

Nerea Galdos-Little store director of Specsavers Ópticas Marbella explained why they chose DiabetesCERO as their official charity for 2024, "Diabetes is a very big problem on a global level and one that is growing quickly, with an estimated 537 million people in the world suffering from the disease. This disease is associated with a range of potentially serious health complications, if not correctly controlled."

"One of these complications, which we’re seeing more and more of during eye tests, is diabetic retinopathy. If this is undiagnosed and untreated, this can develop into Diabetic Macular Edema (DME) and cause permanent vision impairment and blindness. The prevalence of DME among people living with Type 1 diabetes in Europe is around 8.8% 1 and so we want to support DiabetesCERO to help them find a cure for this disease by pledging to raise €5,000 for the charity in 2024. And, alongside this, we want to educate and inform people in our community about the link between diabetes and vision loss. We encourage anyone with diabetes to

ensure they carefully manage glucose levels to prevent health complications. They should also have regular eye tests, including the latest technology, to check the health of the eyes and identify any nerve damage early, before it affects their vision," she added.

Funding research projects in Spain

In Spain there are over 1,000 people diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes every year, and most of those are under 15 years old. This is a growing problem, yet its cause is not known and there is no cure. The charity DiabeteCERO wants to change that by funding research projects in Spain to find the cure to Type 1 diabetes.

For Isabel Mérida, President of DiabetesCERO: "the agreement with Specsavers Ópticas is a unique opportunity to put the focus on the prevention of diabetes-related vision problems. People with Type 1 diabetes often start daily blood glucose monitoring at a very young age, and in the long run, complications associated with this condition can arise. We must not forget that diabetes is behind the majority of cases of blindness in working age adults in Spain."

"Moreover, this charity campaign not only focuses on prevention, but goes one step further. A step that for us is crucial: raising awareness of the importance of investing in research to cure a disease that is often invisible to the rest of society, yet has a brutal impact on the families who live with it," Mérida concluded.

There are collection tins in all nine Specsavers Ópticas stores in Spain, where donations can be made to help fund vital research into Type 1 Diabetes. There will also be challenges, activities and events taking place through 2024 which will be available to sponsor and support. Information and sponsorship details can be found on Facebook @SpecsaversOpticas.

To find your nearest store to donate, or request a complete eye test, including vital health checks, visit

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