Invest in your healthcare in Spain

Invest in your healthcare in Spain

Tuesday, 12 September 2023, 17:19


Choosing good health insurance in Spain is an investment with both short and long-term benefits. For this reason, when you take out health insurance, you need to look at the guarantees it offer apart from the price... because your health is always the most important thing.

If a private health insurance company increases your premium as you move into older age brackets, the cost of your insurance will increase, making it more expensive in the future.

ASSSAdoes not increase its premium with age, which is financially beneficial for you as the Insured, as the price of your health insurance will always remain in the age bracket you originally contracted.

If the health insurance company in Spain is unable to extend the insurance cover and cancels the contract, the insured person, already at a certain age and with diseases already developed, will experience serious problems getting another insurer to accept them.

ASSSA guarantees by contract the non-cancellation of your insurance. This means that for greater peace of mind, only the Insured person is able to cancel the policy and their health will always be insured.

In addition to this, other factors apart from financial considerations are important, such as the company's experience, the quality and speed of assistance, compliance with the requirements for obtaining the Spanish visa and residence, multilingual care and medical staff.

ASSSA, an insurance company with more than 80 years of experience, provides you with customised professional healthcare in your own language, an extensive medical team including top specialists plus healthcare at your disposal whenever you need it.

Invest now in your healthcare in Spain with ASSSA.


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