Digitalisation in dentistry, technology as an ally

Digitalisation in dentistry, technology as an ally

At Harmonía Dental, Dr. Aleksandar Vujanovic and his team use the most innovative techniques that guarantee the best results in implantology, prosthesis, orthodontics and aesthetic treatments

Monday, 16 January 2023, 10:28


Technological advances have transformed reality and are part of our daily lives. From major innovations such as electric cars to small advances such as autonomous hoovers that make our day-to-day routines easier.

This technological revolution is also present in dentistry and, when used by qualified professionals, allows processes to be optimised and results to be improved.

This is the philosophy behind Harmonía Dental, a leading clinic located in the Carrefour Las Lagunas Shopping Centre in Mijas, where Dr. Aleksandar Vujanovic and his team have incorporated digital flow into their methodology, a system mediated by digital resources with the aim of optimising clinical work.

The clinic is trusted by many foreign patients who are spending a few days in Malaga and come to the centre for its speed and quality

This process is present from the diagnosis, which is carried out using a CBCT, a cone beam computed tomography device that offers minimum radiation and maximum quality results in implantology, prosthetics, orthodontics or aesthetic treatments.

This enables 3D planning of the entire process, maximising the final result and efficiency. They also use an intraoral scanner for measurements, which are sent digitally to the laboratory and allow the planning, extraction and fitting of implants within hours.

As Dr. Vujanovic explains, all this offers better results in less time, one of the keys to the success of this clinic which is trusted by many foreign patients who are spending a few days in Malaga and come to the centre for its speed and quality, improving their oral health or aesthetics efficiently and in the best hands.

A graduate of King’s College London, Dr Vujanovic specialises in oral surgery and implantology with an MFDS Diploma of Member of the Faculty of Dental Surgery from The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and he is currently training in zygomatic implant surgery, a safeguard for his patients.

In this regard, it is worth noting that training is one of the keys to Harmonía Dental, which has professionals who are constantly updating their knowledge of this type of digital processes. “It is essential to have the latest technology and to be committed to the continuous training of the team in order to offer our patients the best solutions in the shortest possible time,“ stresses the specialist.

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