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The nine 'torrijas' you must try in Malaga during Semana Santa
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The nine 'torrijas' you must try in Malaga during Semana Santa

SUR visits some of the bakeries in the city that make this traditional Easter treat

Tuesday, 19 March 2024


The streets of Malaga already smell of incense and that always has consequences on the palate. Easter in Malaga is approaching and in many homes the sweet par excellence is being made: the torrija. However, if you don't wish to make it yourself, there are plenty of options in the city's bakeries. The most traditional ones focus on sugar and honey, but there are also torrijas with milk, chocolate and fillings. From now until the end of the month there are bakeries all around the city which will provide you with the treat, one that goes hand in hand with this festivity that is so important to the people of Malaga.

Salvador Bakery

In Calle Tomás Echeverría and also in Calle Cristo de la Epidemia, El Palo and Benajarafe. They have several types of torrijas, they are among the smallest but they have a lot of flavour and sponginess. The one with sugar and milk is the most praised by customers, who put it on the podium of torrijas in the capital. Of course, if you decide to go, take your time and be patient, as there are usually queues.

El Colmenero

These are the biggest, and are located in Calle Atarazanas, 1, and also in Calle Mármoles. They are made with Bimbo bread, and are shaped like it. The ones that sell best are the traditional ones, with honey and sugar. Unlike other bakeries, this one is best for those who don't like the torrija to fall apart in their hands.

La Canasta

Its honey torrija is one of the most famous in the city, and this newspaper also placed it among the best when it comes to tasting a quality torrija. Located in Cerrado de Calderón, but also in La Malagueta and Avenida de La Aurora, this bakery also offers a chocolate version which, although it generates controversy among the purists, is an alternative for those who cannot conceive of a sweet without chocolate and yet want to pay homage to the dessert of Semana Semana.


In Calle Calderería, in the historic centre and in Capuchinos and Reding. Although they have all kinds, the best is the one with a creamy vanilla custard inside. Custard lovers will enjoy this option with honey however, there is also a good sugar torrija.

Ana La Fantastica

Also in the historic centre, on Calle Castillo Sohail, 5. This bakery they put a lot of care into their products -their breads and pastries are irresistible. The torrijas, which you have to try if you're in the area, also stand out for their «less is more», and just looking at them in the window makes you want to try them because they look so delicious. Don't miss them!

Ignacio Mira

Located in El Mayorazgo, in El Limonar, it is a favourite bakery for many locals who believe that the texture and sponginess of the torrijas at this patisserie, which is also an ice cream parlour in summer, are the best in Malaga. You can also eat them on their small outdoor terrace.

Pastelería Ávila

In Calle Sánchez Pastor, Carril de la Chupa and Calle Ortega y Gasset. This is a well-established bakery in the city which offers traditional pastries and make this a very good alternative for all residents in the western area of the capital, as they have several establishments very close by. One of their most famous torrijas is the one with toasted egg yolk, only suitable for those with a very sweet tooth.

Illustrious bakery

In Calle San Quintín, this is a bakery that dedicates a lot of care to everything it does. Their torrijas are full of cream and are what is commonly known as «contundentes». The flavour is excellent and there are also the two famous torrija variants. Of course, eat very little before you go there as they are very filling.


In Calle Correo de Andalucía. At this bakery, where by the way they have the best apple tarts in Spain, they make traditional torrijas. Small in size but with a smooth and pleasant texture in the mouth. This is a great option for all those purists who want to remember the taste of the torrijas of yesteryear. You can also sit on the terrace to enjoy them.

Dani Maldonado

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