Picasso Restaurant, sangria y tapas with Spanish taste and much more in the very centre of Malaga city
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Picasso Restaurant, sangria y tapas with Spanish taste and much more in the very centre of Malaga city

This restaurant comes with a wide menu and iconic dishes such as Galician style octopus or malaga fried fish

Tuesday, 12 September 2023


Picasso restaurant is situated in the very centre of Malaga, it is unique because of its wide variety of food. This popular establishment has a great selection of tapas, perfect for discovering the Spanish gastronomy with a creative touch. The size of the tapas allows you to experience various types of local dishes in one sitting. The origins of the chef are from Pontevedra, that’s why Picasso tapas bar offers an authentic taste of Galician food such as Galician style octopus. You have an opportunity to feel this north region in every bite of this delicious tender texture of octopus combined with boiled potato, olive oil, red sweet pepper and salt that make this plate irresistible.

There are also another options to be acquainted with the typical food from north of the Spain such as chorizo in cider sauce from Asturias or potatoes in cabrales sauce, covered with a perfect creamy cheese texture, if you want to have an unforgettable gastronomical experience. But please do not forget to try the famous Malaga style fried fish or Malaga style meatballs cooked in almond sauce.

The variety of tastes In taverna Picasso not just ending with the food but is quite famous for the drinks as, for example, aperol spritz. One of the most popular traditional Spanish cocktail is Sangria, that includes red wine with fresh fruits and liquor, but you can try it in a luxury way with champagne too. This mix of sparkling wine with fresh fruits will create a fresh and sparkling experience.

There is another type of sangria ¨Malagueña¨ elaborated with a local wine from the region and is sold exclusively in Bar Picasso. Of course there is always an option to try this cocktail without alcohol that day by day is more and more popular nowadays for all the members of the family.

The variety of recipes are not just spreads in sangria, but in mojito too. Not only classic ones but a home recipe of mojito Andalu if you want to feel the taste of this land.

A success in client satisfaction

Picasso have achieved their fame thanks to their dedication to quality and their amazing client service. To this date, Picasso remains the restaurant with the most google reviews in Malaga, already more that 15.000. This proves the impact the restaurant gives to the local community and its visitors. The most impressive fact is that even though the capital offers many restaurants, Picasso still hold a staggering 4.7 of 5 star rating in Google. This rating reflects the constant search for excellence and the passion for gastronomy. In Picasso the cooking is not just assembling ingredients, its a form of art. The many flavours, the authenticity of the recipes and the passion for excellent food makes this restaurant a diamond in the culinary community.

All of this in the centre of the city, en Plaza de la Merced, 20 with easy access to public transport and parking nearby.

The working ours are from 9:00 (the best our to try their delicious breakfasts) till 01:00 7 days a week with a non-stop kitchen all day long

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