Daver in Ronda sells assortment boxes of turrón / sur

Handmade turrón made in Malaga (and where to buy it)

Alongside the more classic flavours, in recent years original creations have started to appear, many of which are made with local products

Javier Almellones

Turrón, along with mantecados, polvorones and roscos de vino are synonymous with Christmas in Spain, much like mince pies and Christmas pudding is in the UK. Along the Costa del Sol and inland in Malaga province there are some go-to places where locals flock to buy the festive treats.

Although the origin of this confectionery tradition can be traced back to the east of Spain, there are currently several establishments in Malaga that make these typical Christmas delicacies using traditional methods. Alongside the more classic flavours of Jijona, Alicante, chocolate or egg yolk, in recent years original creations have started to spring up, many of which are made using local products from avocado to almonds and Malaga sweet wine to mango. Here are some of the options for buying ‘turrón’ made in Malaga.

Daver, Ronda

Daver has been dazzling the people of Ronda and visitors to the town with tempting sweets since 1942. It has a wide range of turrón, from the classic to the more innovative creations, but always handmade. The conventional bars include chocolate with almonds, hazelnuts or cream, but there is also a long and delicious list: praline with salted peanuts, truffle, chocolate with orange, praline with macadamia nuts, marzipan with cream and nuts, praline with almonds and praline with pistachios. There is also a lactose-free option, dried fruit, and a sugar-free option. Customers can choose between the conventional flavours or even selection boxes containing an assortment. Daver has a physical shop on the corner of Carrera Vicente Espinel (better known as Calle La Bola), as well as a website.

Turron in Pastelería Ramos in La Caleta de Vélez / sur

Pastelería Ramos, La Caleta de Vélez

Pastelería Ramos cake shop has become especially well known in the last decade for its original turrón creations. Among its flavours there is tarta de Algarrobo, Malaga wine and sultanas, lime and avocado, Zumbral sweet wine and jasmine, pistachio and raspberry, salted caramel and pine nuts and mango. Pastelería Ramos has also been making classic turrones for many years and their repertoire also includes the traditional pan de Cádiz, fruit, Jijona, almonds, cream and walnuts and chocolate with nuts. As well as being able to buy them directly from the shop on the main road in La Caleta de Vélez, they can also be ordered online.

Mira, Malaga

The name Mira in Malaga is associated not only with handmade ice cream, but also with the its turrón. The family has been producing its popular delicacies since 1890, when Severino Mira arrived from Jijona. Among the flavours that can be bought (by weight) are Jijona, Alicante, toasted egg yolk, guirlache, fruit, coconut and pan de Cadiz, among others. They are all handmade using natural ingredients. Establishments include Dimas Mira e Hijos in Calle Larios and Calle Císter in the city centre, Fernando Mira in Calle Compás de la Victoria, Calle Marqués de Valdecañas and Calle Andrés Pérez.

Almensur uses Malaga almonds in its classic bars / sur

Almensur, Cártama

Almensur’s turrón is made with Malaga almonds and the company offers the classic flavours of Jijona, Alicante and chocolate. Although they are not made in the province, the main raw material, almonds, is from Malaga. The turrón is available in various establishments in the province as well as the company’s own shop in Estación de Cártama. The shop also sells Christmas products from other Malaga-based companies.