El Gaucho de Banús, celebrating the flavours of exquisite meat
Extra El Gaucho de Banús

El Gaucho de Banús, celebrating the flavours of exquisite meat

Thursday, 30 November 2023, 16:44


Located on the glamorous frontline of Puerto Banús, El Gaucho de Banús stands as the epitome of culinary excellence, especially when it comes to top quality meats. This prestigious Argentinian restaurant, known for its dedication to authenticity and quality, offers diners an unparalleled dining experience.

The meat menu at El Gaucho de Banús is a feast for the senses, featuring carefully selected cuts representing the best of the world market. Among the jewels of its grill is BLACK ANGUS, a delicacy imported directly from Argentina and offered refrigerated and with certificate of origin. AIRSHARE, awarded as the best meat in the world in 2019, joins the experience, as well as the exclusive IBERIAN WAGYU, Halal certified, and the excellent Spanish meats GALICIAN BLOND and RETINTO.

However, the experience at El Gaucho de Banús goes beyond meat. This culinary haven specialises in ethnic Argentinian Creole food, fusing traditional flavours with international touches and seafood cuisine. From signature northern-style empanadas to traditional grilling techniques by expert parrilleros, each dish is an ode to authenticity.

The magic of El Gaucho is not just limited to the palate, as the restaurant offers an exclusive terrace with panoramic views of Puerto Banús, creating the perfect setting for intimate dinners or corporate events. In addition, diners can enjoy live performances, adding a touch of entertainment to the dining experience.

End of the year meals for groups

El Gaucho de Banús also invites corporate groups or groups of friends to celebrate the holidays in its exclusive space. The terrace, which offers unique views of the exclusive boats of Puerto Banús, is the perfect setting for corporate events or intimate dinners with friends. Details of the meals and bookings available via this link.

With its commitment to authenticity, world-class quality and a culinary offering that encompasses the most exquisite aspects of Argentinian gastronomy, El Gaucho de Banús stands as the ideal destination for meat connoisseurs and lovers of fine dining.

For bookings or for further information, call +34 952 81 21 67 or visit

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