Canillas de Aceituno is well-known for its roast kid goat. SUR
Axarquía dishes shine at international food festival

Axarquía dishes shine at international food festival

Chefs from five countries are visiting the east of Malaga to learn about traditional dishes including Canillas de Aceituno's famous roasted kid goat

Eugenio Cabezas

Friday, 22 September 2023, 15:23


The first ever Festival Internacional Gastronómico Axarquía-Málaga is taking place until Sunday 24 September in Almáchar, Benamocarra, Canillas de Aceituno and Periana. Chefs from Spain, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico (US) and Mexico have been invited.

Speaking ahead of the festival, Axarquía chef Roberto Soler highlighted the workshop he is giving at the Museo de la Pasa (raisin museum) in Almáchar where he is demonstrating how to make the traditional 'ajoblanco' (a cold soup made with almonds), among other traditional Axarquía dishes.

"We are also studying the possibility of introducing other dishes from the Axarquía, such as ajobacalao (a cod paté eaten in Vélez-Málaga at Easter), gachas (a type of porridge) and sugar cane honey from Frigiliana," Soler explained and praised the new initiative "in which professionals from other countries can get to know our products and our dishes".

Canillas de Aceituno is promoting its traditional roasted kid goat (chivo) and black pudding (morcilla). The website, set up by the town hall, includes new recipes such as kid goat dum sum with Payoyo cheese and goat sweetbreads flambéed in Canillas black pudding perigourdine sauce.

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