The key to happiness
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The key to happiness

Results of an experiment showed that high-quality wines not only pleased the taste buds but also triggered a cascade of positive emotions

Thursday, 28 March 2024, 09:39


It may have something to do with social class or even an over-reaction to wine snobbery, but Italian scientists have proved that drinking good wine makes people happier. Note: good wine. They set up an experiment at the Internet Festival in Pisa, where participants tasted various wines while wearing body sensors to gauge their emotions. The results showed that high-quality wines not only pleased the taste buds but also triggered a cascade of positive emotions.

Even those with little wine expertise could tell the difference between good and less than good wines. It is more than probable that lovers of good wine do not need telling that the same wine tastes better in agreeable company than when taken on our own. A side issue of course is the nationality of the participants in the research. Would they have been the same in a northern European country?

The study's author, Dr Lucia Billeci, noted that quality wines induce a range of positive physical emotions that can be accurately measured, even more so when paired with background music. A real symphony for the senses. The research concluded that good quality wines have an advantage over their inferior counterparts, creating an agreeable mood even for novice consumers.


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And let's not forget that the combination of good music and beautiful surroundings are essential factors. Who needs therapy when we've a bottle of top-notch wine and some smooth jazz? So, according to science, the key to happiness is tucked away in a beautiful bottle that we cannot wait to get home and open. Time to conduct some extensive research - for science, of course!

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