Where and at what price you can sell valuable two-euro coins - advice from an expert

Where and at what price you can sell valuable two-euro coins - advice from an expert

Two-euro coins tend to be the most sought-after on the collector's market; here is what to bear in mind to sell them for the best price

Daniela Londoño

Tuesday, 5 December 2023, 19:16


Coin collecting is on the rise, but that is precisely why you have to be careful. In fact, one of the headaches for some enthusiasts in numismatics, as coin-collecting is known, is to know where to trade pieces for a good price. On the internet there are many inexperienced users buying or selling coins without knowing their true value. It is therefore likely that some end up being the object of a scam. That is why we have consulted an expert to find out how and where to trade them. When it comes to buying and selling coins, two-euro commemorative coins are among those that tend to sell very well on the market.

However, we must be clear about certain aspects beforehand, and locate websites or physical shops carefully in order to obtain what we are looking for. Firstly, according to numismatic experts such as Javier Mercado, CEO of Coleccionistas de Monedas, there are three basic factors to consider if we want to know the real value of our pieces. Clearly, without this information, we will not be able to negotiate prices. These aspects are:

1. Uniqueness: this is usually one of the most crucial factors in determining the value of a coin. If you have a piece with a rarity or error, its price will undoubtedly multiply exponentially.

2. Degree of conservation: together with the previous one, the state of conservation is another fundamental aspect. For example, for any of your two-euro coins to be valuable, they need to be in perfect condition.

3. Price trends: as you know, not all two-euro coins are worth the same. In fact, some are only just joining the list of the most valuable coins. This is the case of the Lithuanian coin of this value minted in 2021, which has already reached a price of 2,000 euros. Acquiring these coins as soon as they are minted can be a very good investment if you want to get your money back and earn a little more after a few years have passed.

Prices by country and year.
Prices by country and year.

Once you have this clear, the second thing to consider is where to sell your pieces. According to the market, there are three ways or alternatives. The first is specialist shops where collector's items are bought and sold. They usually offer an appraisal and a fair price. The second alternative is specialist auctions, for which you will have to contact the auction houses themselves. They will ask you to send the piece for evaluation and then they will decide whether or not to include it in a subsequent auction. Finally, there are online platforms, such as eBay, Catawiki or Todocoleccion. These are portals that will allow you to set prices and potential buyers can make counter-offers or buy them at that price. Before using any of these options, remember to be very clear about aspects such as year of issue, series and state of preservation.

Above is a list of the most expensive two-euro coins currently in circulation.

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