Conference in Marbella on the tax on large fortunes

Conference in Marbella on the tax on large fortunes

Wednesday, 15 February 2023, 10:45

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On 2 March, a conference on 'The tax on large fortunes and wealth tax. How the optimal tax structure protects the entrepreneurial effort' will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Meliá D. Pepe Hotel in Marbella.

Javier Martín Fernández, Jesus Rodríguez Márquez, Francisco J. Urbano and Basilio Ramírez Pascual will take part in the session, led and presented by Ramón Dávila. An approach to these taxes will be made from a practical point of view, highlighting their good and bad points, as well as the fiscal models for safeguarding business efforts in the face of these taxes.

The conference is aimed at entrepreneurs, owners and CEOs of family businesses. The programme will address the main concerns of family businesses in relation to these taxes, such as the 'Analysis of the temporary solidarity tax on large fortunes', the 'Review of Wealth Tax' and 'The optimal tax structure as an element of business robustness and resilience'.

The speakers at the conference will be Javier Martín Fernández, managing partner of Ideo Legal and professor of Financial and Tax Law at the Complutense University of Madrid; Jesús Rodríguez Márquez, professor of Financial and Tax Law and managing partner of Ideo Legal's tax practice; Francisco J Urbano, economist, partner and director of the law firm Dávila y Urbano and delegate of the studies office of the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors, and Basilio Ramírez Pascual, doctor in Economics and managing partner of Arnaut & Iberbrokers and Arnaut Fiscal y Legal. It will be led by Ramón Dávila, lawyer and founder of the Dávila y Asociados law firm in Andalusia.

Finally, the book "La estructura fiscal óptima en la empresa Familiar" (The optimal tax structure in family businesses) published by the international publishing house Wolters Kluwer and written by Basilio Ramírez Pascual will be presented. Following 30 years of advising family businesses, Ramírez has consolidated his knowledge of taxation in this new book which deals with all the fields involved, such as the creation of companies, reinvestments, sales, group formation and inheritance. A work of more than 500 pages, published by the Wolters Kluwer group.

Attendance is by invitation only. For further information, please contact or register at:

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