Schoolwork showcase: primary poems
Education and Learning 2024

Schoolwork showcase: primary poems

Young poets ·

Children were asked to write poems containing the words 'talk' and 'pen'

Friday, 15 March 2024, 14:17


1. Best primary poem

School soup (an educational recipe)


A snap of a ruler

the slam of a door

the buzz of brains

the sharpenings on a floor

The click of a pen

the scrape of chairs

(with screeching legs)

a teacher’s stare

The smell of coffee

the clap of hands

the talk of children

the noise of the school band

The ring of a bell

the sigh of relief

the fun of learning

the B in belief

Then whisk it all up

and wait for some magic

drop in some school spirit

put in an educational gadget

Now make sure you’re ready

serve it with knowledge

and all

that is

left to do

is wait for the first day of school.

Ella-Rose, aged 9. Swans Primary School

Singer-songwriter Peter Edgerton commented, ”Great opening which draws you in immediately, plus enchanting rhythmic rhymes - who could ask for more?”

2. Runner-up primary poem

If a Pen Could Talk

If this old pen could talk, here’s what he’d say,

Why must I walk so far each day?

Why must I march from left to right

to the edge of a cliff which gives me a fright,

I spend my day skating on an ice-rink

Wriggling and jiggling so much I can’t think.

And Page is unfriendly, staring blankly at me,

“You always mess the place,” he complains angrily,

After my visits, he looks blotchy and smudged,

His face black and blue, and he holds a grudge,

I try to explain that, not like back in old days,

I’ve learnt from mistakes I now can erase.

I’ve come a long way from an old feathered quill

I’m fountain, ballpoint and felt tip - a thrill

But one thing I dislike is being chewed on the head,

It’s one time I wish I was Pencil with lead,

For he goes for haircuts, though they make him smaller

While the rest of the world gets taller and taller.

Sometimes I get sick and I lose my voice,

And get thrown in the bin, even though I’ve a dose,

Replaced with a cousin from my home-pencil case,

Who never could swirl or dance at my pace.

For my Dad, my Ruler, always kept me in line,

And Mum put my hat on, so I’d look refined.

My value you see, you may not realise,

Is how I help people to open their eyes,

I’m a voice for their feelings and their thoughts,

So they can write about battles they fought,

Or create lovely stories and poems from their mind,

And write daily diaries to help them unwind.

So a pen should never be thrown away,

For it might be the tool that saves you one day.

Stefania, aged 10. English International College

“Charmingly imaginative. Excellent word pairings - ‘wriggling and jiggling’ , ‘blotchy and smudged’, the second of which should have been 1970s comic book characters,” said singer-songwriter Peter Edgerton.

3. Special mention primary poem

A Magical Land

In a land where the water slowly flows,

Where whispers dance and colours swirl.

A realm of magic, both near and far,

Created by the moon and the evening star.

Upon a hill, a wizard’s den

Ink-stained pages, a poet’s pen.

Words that flutter, like butterflies,

A collection of tales, reaching the sky.

Butterflies dance in the golden sun,

Their wings painted with colours.

Enchanted voices, a lively walk,

In this land where even shadows talk.

Mountains embrace the skies with magestic grace,

A heaven where time finds a peaceful space.

In this magical realm, where fantasies blend,

A pen’s gentle touch, a story-teller’s trend.

Castles rise with towers high,

Touching the canvas of the sky.

A wizard’s spell, a fairy’s trance,

A land where talk is a poetic dance.

Anastasia, aged 10. Aloha College

“Lovely descriptions. Perfectly weighted use of adjectives (not an easy skill to master),” said singer-songwriter Peter Egerton.

4. Selected primary poem

The talking pen

I was tired yet excited for the challenge ahead

Thinking about my words, I was imagining in my head

Then I took my pencil in my hand, I started to think

And without a pause, not even a blink

My pencil stuck to the paper and scribbled “My Dear Owner”

My hand started to twitch, to turn, to glitch

The power of the pencil struck into my hand

And as I looked down, I saw a curious thing

Flawless writing about the life of a pencil

How he wrote and wrote his entire life, an eternity

“I’ve been to the sharpener, the bin, the floor”

“I’ve seen all you can see”

I couldn’t believe you were talking to me

“I am exhausted, leave me alone, on the floor, on the desk, wherever you please”

He jumped out of my hand and scribbled away under the desk

And then the pencil never wrote again.

Elizaveta, aged 9. Aloha College

“Great movement!" said former editor Liz Parry.

5. Selected primary poem

If I were a pen and I could talk...

If I were a pen and I could talk, I would say…


My lid

On right now

Please put it on

My ink is going to

Dry, make a solution

Please I beg

You right


Daniel O., aged 7. Sage College Jerez

6. Selected primary poem

Pen friend

My pen is my friend who speaks for me,

He travels each page, swirling gently.

I whisper my thoughts, he turns them to words,

To say how I feel and be heard.

I like how we talk and then he tells the world

What I think and feel, this seven-year old girl.

If he makes a mistake, I don’t even shout.

We just start again since he can rub out!

We draw and we sketch and stories we write.

And then take a rest and say, “Goodnight.”

To record my life, my pen helps me

And leaves me with great memories!

Nika, aged 7. Novaschool Sunland International

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