Logiscool, the kids’ digital education expert

Logiscool, the kids’ digital education expert

Costa del Sol: arising opportunities for future generations in the IT sector

Wednesday, 18 January 2023, 11:54


Our children are born in a decade of digital explosion. Technology is everywhere and it is inevitable. We should be aware what interests them, which influencers are their role models, introduce them to cybersecurity and prepare them for the challenges of the future.

In Spain – and worldwide - there is a lack of talents in the IT sector and the demand is growing exponentially.

According to Infojobs, the demand for tech positions increased by 21% last year in Spain, while 47% of Spanish companies cannot find talents to fill these job vacancies. Last May, 400,000 unfilled positions were announced in the IT sector and those numbers are increasing year by year.

“Malaga Valley” – a game changer of the Andalusian economy

Malaga is often referred as the new tech hub of Spain, similarly to Silicon Valley. For instance, Google, has announced the opening of its cybersecurity centre this year in Málaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol, involving investments up to 355 million euros.

While many local families are looking for the best international universities for their children - young talents are leaving Spain after their graduation, the IT sector currently offers highly competitive salaries without the need to travel to another country. Career opportunities in highly added-value industries are setting up new trends, leaving behind the tourism-based economy prominent in the Costa del Sol.

Logiscool, the leading brand in digital education with award-winning methodology

Logiscool, the international school of coding and new technologies, offers a cutting-edge solution for this growing labor demand through its extracurricular courses, camps and workshops for kids and teens, from beginner to more advanced levels.

Everything changes so fast. It is impossible to predict the dimensions and limits of the digital world in 5 or 10 years. There is only one thing that remains certain: the need of skills that programming develops. Logical and algorithmic thinking, creativity, problem solving skills, resistance to frustration and tolerance of failure help the children to be better prepared for the future labor market and their life in general.

“We do not expect all our students to become programmers, although it is a high-demand profession, however they acquire programming knowledge that will be useful for any job position in the future. Our students become active creators of the digital world, not just passive consumers of digital content or video games”, explains Sabi Borsos, franchise partner at Logiscool Costa del Sol.

Across 2022, Logiscool received 3 internationally recognized prizes awarding different areas of the business:

-Its education program was rated “excellent” by a prestigious certification organism, the Education Alliance Finland (EAF)

-For its exceptional worldwide growth, Logiscool was chosen as the Best International Brand 2022 by the European Franchise Awards

-Finally, the brand won the Digital Education Awards 2022 for being selected as the Best New Digital Course of the Year.

Sabi Borsos comments on this: “Those awards are important milestones in the mission that we are really passionate about: to provide the best quality in computer coding and digital education for our kids & teens”.

Programming is the future

Programming is technology, and technology, the future. Learning programming is like learning a language. The earlier you start, the easier it gets. During this academic year, the Code School 4.0 Program was launched all over Spain. Announced in July 2022 by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, the objective is to introduce programming and robotics in primary and secondary schools, in line with the need of Spanish new generations.

At Logiscool, coding is taught through a fun-based methodology, especially designed for kids and teenagers from 6 to 18 years old. Using its own digital educational platform, Scoolcode, children learn to code by creating video games, managing to handle programming intuitively.

Students can start to learn programming with digital building blocks, and as they get older, they move to text-based programming, making a smooth transition between visual coding and text-based development. Later, they can choose from courses of various programming environments such as Python, Unity, Godot, or Artificial Intelligence, just to name a few available options.

Logiscool, beyond programming

The coding school offers extracurricular courses (in groups and in private sessions), workshops as well as camps during the holidays. Topics vary from programming, digital discovery for the youngest ones (from 6 years old), robotics, video production, to Minecraft, Roblox, 3D design, digital illustration and app creation.

The brand collaborates with prestigious schools in the Costa del Sol, offering after-school activities as well as free coding workshops to introduce fun coding to local students.

To spread out the word about the benefits of coding to local families, Logiscool Costa del Sol organizes open days including free trial sessions in both centers in January and February and September/October. During those demos, kids and teens will create their first videogame. If interested, you may register in their website– all for free and without any commitment!

Logiscool established on the Costa del Sol since 2019

Logiscool opened its first educational center in 2014 in Hungary. Currently with over 170,000 students in 35 countries on 5 continents, Logiscool has become the world's leading franchise in its category. The brand arrived to Spain in 2018, currently operates 3 centers in Catalonia and Andalusia (Marbella and San Pedro de Alcántara), while being present nationwide through its online offer. The brand has ambitious expansion plans to open more than 20 centers by 2030. More information at

Logiscool Marbella Pinomar

Urbanización Pinomar 1., Calle de Vélez S/N - 29604 Marbella (Málaga)

(Ctra. de Cádiz N-340, km 189,2)

Tel.: +34 622 77 88 80, ,


Logiscool San Pedro de Alcántara

Av. del Mar Mediterráneo Edf. Corona, Local 13 - 29670 San Pedro (Málaga)

Tel: +34 952 78 35 27, ,






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