A-Levels in the Heart of Málaga
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A-Levels in the Heart of Málaga

Why Phoenix College Málaga could be the best choice for education 16-18, and why it’s smart to consider the change now

Monday, 16 October 2023, 11:50

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At the age of 16, students join us from other British schools, Spanish schools, and increasingly, schools all over the world. More and more families are relocating to Málaga and looking for schools for their children: other students move to us after completing GCSEs or 4º ESO or equivalent here on the Costa. Why choose Phoenix College Málaga?

It depends what you’re looking for. Phoenix isn’t for everyone. Located on the Plaza de Uncibay, we’re not a big, busy school with lots of regulations. Being owned and administrated by teachers who work in the College gives us the liberty to make decisions solely for the benefit of students and staff. Our focus is on providing a more relaxed, informal learning environment with small classes (max. 12) where we can help each young person strive for their individual potential. Students enjoy more freedom, with which comes more responsibility for their studies, while we are here to support and guide where necessary. This has the added advantage of helping young people to mature more quickly, preparing them better for university.

The British International A-level system also has its strengths. Taught entirely in English, students only need to choose three subjects, and the exams are in January and June of each of the two years, rather than all at the very end. Our graduates have gained university places to study courses including Medicine, Engineering, Business & Administration, at universities in Spain, Ireland, the UK, Holland, Denmark, Sweden. And this summer 2023, with more students than ever, we expanded! We acquired additional premises across the corridor from us, adding greatly-needed extra classrooms & study rooms for our growing Sixth Form College.

And for students who worry about making new friends – don’t. Everyone is new in Year 12, so everyone is in the same situation and ready to get to know new people. And of course, these days, it’s easy to stay in contact with friends at current schools.

When to make the change? Families are already enrolling their sons and daughters for September 2024, and we suggest that students and parents contact us to arrange a visit between October - January, with the aim of completing Matriculation by mid-February. This gives time to visit, above all think things through, perhaps attend a Taster Day (where prospective students join us for a day to attend classes and chat to other young people already studying at Phoenix) or assess and support a student’s English, if needed. It also avoids possible disappointment due to subjects filling or reduced subject combination flexibility.

More information

With nothing to lose, and potentially much to gain, contact us to arrange your visit now. Tel: +34 952 22 02 75. Email: info@phoenixcollegemalaga.

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