Emilio Aragón with Antonio Banderas. / TEATRO DE SOHO CAIXA BANK

Antonio Banderas brings the musical Godspell to Malaga

The 1970s production will make its début in Malaga next season. It is the first musical at the Soho Caixabank theatre that won't have Banderas on-stage


Antonio Banderas and Emilio Aragón have joined together for Soho Caixabank Theatre's next musical. With the former as producer and the latter as director, the pair are bringing Godspell to the Malaga stage. The musical originated in Off-Broadway in the 1970s (a class of theatres in New York City which are smaller and typically less expensive and commercial than those in the Broadway theatre district). The original dramaturgy was by John Michael Tebelak, with music by Stephen Schwartz. The new version will début in Malaga for the 2022-2023 season.

Godspell is a light-hearted musical which celebrates the life and teachings of Jesus, representing parables and accounts from the Gospel of Mark through a series of sketches set in the modern day.

The musical score was nominated for a Tony, and spans a great variety of genres, ranging from rock to pop to gospel, with songs such as Day by Day, Turn Back, O Man and Save the People, among others.

The film adaptation came about in 1973, set in 1970s New York City with a hippie aesthetic.

The Spanish version was released in Madrid in 1974, starring Juan Ribó. Nearly half a century later, Godspell is being revived under Emilio Aragón's direction, with the production organised by Soho Theatre and Estudio Caribe.

This is Antonio Banderas' third musical, but the first in which he won't be acting. After the success of A Chorus Line and Company, which Banderas both directed and starred in, the actor is now passing the baton to Emilio Aragón.

In the announcement of the new production, he says: "It's a good time, this project has to work without me. (...) People need to understand that this theatre can maintain its high standard without me."