The Wizard of Oz

The production.
The production. / The Salon Varietes Theatre
  • The latest production at the Salon Varietés runs until Sunday

It would be churlish to miss the opportunity of seeing this well-known and much loved musical in our lovely theatre in Fuengirola.

Directed by Catrina Helsby, with the support of Claire Hirons Forbes as choreographer, the large cast presented a vibrant, colourful, enthusiastic show, and the fantastic hurricane/tornado scene was in every way a show stopper.

Dorothy brought tears to many eyes with the famous Over the Rainbow solo, and the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion were wonderfully silly. The Black Witch with her great 'cackle' frightened everyone and the choruses of children and adults were delightful with their exuberant energy.

But, the old saying is still true: 'Never share a stage with an animal'!

Toto, played brilliantly by the adorable Sasha, stole the limelight whenever she was on stage; she never missed a line or a cue, and it is a miracle she has not been kidnapped by a doting member of the audience.

Well done everyone - there is not space to name you all, but you thoroughly deserved the standing ovations from a happy and singing audience.