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Centre Pompidou set to remain in Malaga until 2025 following new agreement

Centre Pompidou set to remain in Malaga until 2025 following new agreement

Malaga city hall and the director of the French museum have agreed to extend its presence by a further five years

Antonio Javier López

Friday, 16 February 2018, 10:05


The Centre Pompidou and Malaga city hall have reached an initial agreement which sets out a plan for the museum to remain in the city for a further five years, extending the current deal which ran until 2020 to 2025.

The branch of the French gallery which first came to the city in March 2015, will see its contract doubled from five to ten years. This was agreed by mayor Francisco de la Torre and president of the Pompidou Centre Serge Lasvignes, who met last Tuesday at the Fine Art Awards, hosted in the gallery and presided over by King Felipe VI.

At last week's ceremony, the king showed his support for the partnership and stated his hope that it wouldn't just be a modern utopia, as the new permanent exhibition is called, but rather a a reality for many more years to come.

Sources consulted by SUR have confirmed that the conditions of the new deal will remain the same as those of the former; Malaga council will pay the Centre Pompidou 2.07 million euros annually, a million of which is for the use of its brand and collections, with the rest covering transportation, insurance and specialist consultation. The agreement is yet to be approved by the council, however.

The Centre Pompidou Málaga is the first branch of the French museum to be opened outside of France. Its launch was first discussed publicly at the Franco-Spanish summit in Paris in December 2014.

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