Close finish in race to be first baby of 2018

Rocío Toledo and Estrella Morales, with Álvaro and Julia, in the Hospital Materno Infantil in Malaga on 1 January.
Rocío Toledo and Estrella Morales, with Álvaro and Julia, in the Hospital Materno Infantil in Malaga on 1 January. / Fernando González
  • Julia and Álvaro were born within seconds of one another in Malaga's Maternity hospital

Unlike previous years, the competition to be the first baby born in Malaga had two winners this year. At 1.05am, in the Hospital Materno, Álvaro was born, with no complications, then a few seconds later Julia was born, after her mother had been in labour for 16 hours. Both mothers were thrilled to hear that they shared this honour and happily posed for photos with their newborns within hours of giving birth.

Álvaro's mother, 44-year-old Rocío Toledo, is the daughter of long-time Malaga PSOE member Pedro Toledo. Her son was born weighing 3.2 kilos (7lb). Toledo is excited at the prospect of being a single mother as she has wanted to have a baby for as long as she can remember. She shared most of her pregnancy experience with her sister, Esther, who gave birth to a baby boy three months ago, and now considers herself to be “a baby expert”.

Toledo began having contractions on Sunday morning but was only admitted to hospital in the afternoon when they were more regular. She praised the hospital staff, saying “at least I gave them time to eat their grapes. I've received excellent treatment here.”

27-year-old Estrella Morales, the mother of Julia, was in labour for 16 hours before her daughter came into the world, weighing 2.6 kilos (5lb 8oz). Her partner, Juan Vázquez, could not hide his joy when he saw his daughter one hour after welcoming 2018. Although not due until 13 January, Julia clearly could not wait to come into the world. The couple are from Alhaurín de la Torre. “I knew I wouldn't be able to celebrate New Year's Eve, and so did my family,” joked Morales, “they kept telling me that I'd go into labour on the first, and I did!”

According to information from other local hospitals, the next baby to be born in the province on 1 January 2018 was Carlota, in the local hospital in Antequera, at 1.40am. She weighed 3.1 kilos (6lb 13oz) at birth.

Meanwhile, in Marbella, the first baby born in the Hospital Costa del Sol in 2018 was Léon, the new son of first-time parents Diego Morales and Laura Alcántara. Léon was born at 4.25am on 1 January, and when SUR met him a few hours later, both mother and baby were in perfect condition. “We've only had a couple of hours with him, but, yes, he's great,” said both parents at the time.

The couple managed not to miss out on the New Year's Eve celebrations by videocalling friends at midnight and sharing the last few minutes of 2017 with them. The couple both work in La Cañada shopping centre.

Léon was due on the 20 December but was clearly in no rush to be born. Álcantara's healthy and sporty lifestyle meant that she could deliver the 3.8 kilo (8lb 6oz) baby completely naturally. Becoming the parents of the first baby born in Marbella in 2018 has been a surprise for the couple and they are both thrilled.