Additional checks come into force at the Spanish border checkpoints on Wednesday. sur
Spain to introduce new regulations for under-18s at Gibraltar border from Wednesday

Spain to introduce new regulations for under-18s at Gibraltar border from Wednesday

Every minor must be accompanied by an adult and if the person accompanying them is not their parent more thorough checks will be carried out and personal details will be recorded

Monday, 10 October 2022, 15:28


The Spanish authorities have advised the Gibraltar government that new checks will be carried out on under-18s who cross the border in either direction from this Wednesday, 12 October. These are in addition to the existing requirements, such as children needing a valid travel document.

Minors who are resident in Gibraltar will only be permitted to cross the border into Spain, or from Spain into Gibraltar, if they are accompanied by an adult. If the adult is not their parent, the border guards will carry out more thorough checks than usual, such as recording the personal details of both the minor and the adult.

Declaration form needed in some cases

With regard to under-18s who reside in Spain, they will also need to be accompanied by an adult when crossing the border with Gibraltar in either direction, and the same checks will be carried out if the adult is not their parent. However, if the adult accompanying the child is not their parent, a completed Declaration signed by one of their parents will have to be presented at the border.

The Declaration will not be necessary if the minor is accompanied by a parent, and is not needed for under-18s who are resident in Gibraltar, only those who live in Spain.

Please note that these are the checks which will be required by the Spanish authorities at the border. The requirements by the Gibraltar authorities remain the same.

The government understands that these new requirements should not affect cross-border organised events or activities where the children are part of a group and a teacher or monitor is responsible for them.

The government also stresses that this is the information which has been provided by Spain and although its intention is to report it accurately, it is possible that requirements could be subject to change.

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