Gibraltar Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, in a file photograph. / AFP

No news on Gibraltar's EU agreement yet but problems continue at border

The involved parties had hope to come to an agreement around the Easter period


Although no deadline had been set for negotiations regarding Gibraltar's future relationship with the European Union, all parties involved had said they hoped to reach an agreement by, or shortly after Easter. There has been no news recently, although Gibraltar's chief minister Fabian Picardo did say that he was strongly optimistic about a positive outcome, and the mayor of San Roque this week called on the UK to take a greater interest in the negotiations being completed as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the problems faced by people who do not hold red Gibraltarian residence cards when they want to cross the border into Spain are continuing. Although the Spanish government insists that no new documents are being requested, non-EU nationals who are not resident in Spain are being refused entry unless they provide proof of booked accommodation and enough money to sustain them during their stay.