The OS 35 bulk carrier, with the booms in place to contain possible fuel spillage. / sur

Gibraltar to stand down Major Incident status following last week's ship collision

Most of the fuel has now been removed from the bulk carrier and it is possible that regular operations at the Port will resume from Wednesday


The Gibraltar Contingency Council has decided to stand down the Major Incident Status which was put in place last week after the beaching of the OS35 bulk carrier 700 metres off Catalan Bay, because most of the ship's low sulphur fuel oil, diesel and lube oil has now been removed. The status can be re-established immediately if further developments merit it.

It is possible that regular port operations will be resumed on Wednesday if the Captain of the Port is satisfied that there are available resources and resilience should difficulties arise with the OS 35.

The authorities are also considering whether to allow fishing to resume from Wednesday, as the contamination has mostly been contained now and much of the free-floating sheen has been collected or dispersed.

Meanwhile, the Self Determination for Gibraltar Group has decided to cancel the boat procession which was due to take place on Thursday 8 September at 7.30pm, a traditional event during the annual National Day celebrations. This is due to the ongoing operation regarding the OS 35.