Large hauls of drugs seized from ships off the Rock

Large hauls of drugs seized from ships off the Rock

HM Customs Gibraltar successfully intercepted two hauls of cocaine with a combined street value of around 30 million pounds



Friday, 20 October 2023, 16:03


HM Customs Gibraltar have recently seized over 500 kilograms of cocaine in two seperate instances, which they estimate to have a combined street value of 30 million pounds. At the end of last month, eleven packages containing 458 kilograms of Class A drugs were retrieved from a sea chest compartment on the side of a bulk carrier named Unity N, with the help of a local diving company and a "carefully planned operation", as detailed in a press release.

In a separate incident just days later acting on reliable intelligence, an HM Customs marine drone detected 'a parasitic device' attached to the hull of the bulk carrier Alice Oldendroff. With the aid of a local diving company once again, they undertook an operation to remove the 'parasite', which led to the seizing of fourty-one slabs. They contained Class A drugs with a total gross weight of 50kgs.

The police believe the crew members on-board the two bulk carriers had no involvement in the trafficking of the drugs in either of the cases based on the interviews they carried out. Furthermore, they stated there is no reason to believe the drugs were destined for Gibraltar, suggesting their final destination was elsewhere in Europe.

The investigation is still ongoing into the two seperate incidents, while the two vessels have been released with no further reason to detain them.

HM Customs Gibraltar commended both their own offficers and the Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) and the Royal Gibraltar Police (RGP). "I would like to thank all the officers involved in these two operations for their efforts in ensuring Gibraltar continues to clamp down and tackle any sort of illicit activity that may occur across the Strait," were the words of gratitude given by the Caretaker Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo KC MP.

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