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Gibraltar minister advances cruise line marketing plans at Florida fair

Gibraltar minister advances cruise line marketing plans at Florida fair

Vijay Daryanani met with 25 cruise lines at Seatrade Global in an attempt to reconnect with the sector

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Wednesday, 12 April 2023, 16:56

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Gibraltar's minister for Tourism and Business, Hon Vijay Daryanani, led the Rock's delegation to the Seatrade Global cruise trade fair in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, last weekend. Seatrade is the largest annual cruise gathering worldwide, with over 13,000 professionals getting together to innovate, uncover new trends and secure partnerships.

The trip was an opportunity for the Gibraltar government to reconnect with this sector, putting forward its case for increased cruise calls and setting out its ambitions within the industry. Daryanani was accompanied on the trip by Kevin Bossino, CEO of Gibraltar Tourist Board, and John Ghio, Captain of the port.

Daryanani said the trip was "an intense few days of marketing and networking in what is a seriously challenging industry".

He added, "We know we have to work hard all the time, non-stop, for this to happen in what is a dynamic and ongoing situation. I am not prepared to settle for what we currently have and that is why I will continue to take every possible opportunity to put Gibraltar’s case forward."

He said that Gibraltar's presence at events like Seatrade was "necessary" and that the government's commitment to the cruising sector was "unquestionable".

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