Fabian Picardo on Tuesday. SUR
Gibraltar to hold general election next month

Gibraltar to hold general election next month

The government has now been dissolved and voting for the 17 members of parliament will take place on 12 October

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Friday, 15 September 2023, 15:56


The government of Gibraltar was officially dissolved on 12 September in a proclamation issued by the governor, Vice Admiral Sir David Steel.

He has requested a General Election of Elected Members of Parliament to be held on 12 October.

Elections are held in Gibraltar every four years to elect the 17 members of the Rock's parliament.

In 2019 the GSLP-Liberal Alliance won their third consecutive election, retaining their majority in the parliament and Fabian Picardo returned for his third term of office as Chief Minister of Gibraltar.

"The last four years have been, without doubt, the toughest four years this community has ever faced," said Picardo on Tuesday, citing the Covid pandemic and post-Brexit negotiations among the challenges faced.

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