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No excuse for domestic violence, police stress after man is jailed for 12 months for assault

Gibraltar man has been convicted of causing bodily harm, theft, improper use of public electronic equipment and possessing a Class B drug by Gibraltar Magistrates Court

Debbie Bartlett

A man has been sentenced to 12 months in prison for assaulting a woman and other related offences by the Gibraltar Magistrates' Court.

Riyen Lea, 35, of Varyl Begg Estate pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm, theft, improper use of public electronic telecommunications, putting people in fear of violence and possession of a controlled Class B drug.

The police received several calls on 24 October, asking for urgent assistance in the area of the Laguna Bar. When officers arrived witnesses identified Lea as having assaulted a woman by biting her on the upper arm and kicking her in the leg. He then stole her mobile phone and a set of keys before leaving the scene.

When Lea was arrested later that day, he still had the stolen phone with him and the police said he had used it to contact the woman's mother and threaten her and her daughter with violence.

After being detained, officers also discovered that he was carrying a small amount of a Class B drug.

A police spokesman said that officers in the Domestic Abuse Team are now looking at further safeguarding measures to protect the victim. They expressed their gratitude to the members of the public who reported the assault and wished to reiterate that in Gibraltar there is no excuse for domestic abuse, regardless of gender.