Police were called at 10.30pm. RGP
Two charged by police over fireworks incident in Gibraltar

Two charged by police over fireworks incident in Gibraltar

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Teenagers, aged 18 and 17, were reported to be throwing fireworks at passers-by on the Glacis Estate and a dog that was being walked was injured



Thursday, 5 January 2023, 12:21


Two teenagers were arrested on 30 December after a disturbing incident on the Glacis Estate when they were said to be throwing fireworks at passers-by.

The police control room received calls to report the matter at 10.30pm, with one caller saying a dog who was being walked in the area had been hit by one of the fireworks and was injured.

When officers arrived on the scene a large crowd had gathered, and members of the public indicated who one of the suspects was.

The 18-year-old was searched and found to have fireworks in his possession, and was arrested on suspicion of possession of a prohibited import.

Whilst the police were in the playground area, a second teenager, aged 17, was seen shouting aggressively at members of the public. He tried to run off to avoid being arrested, but was caught by officers. He had to be taken to hospital after appearing to have an epileptic fit, but after being seen by doctors he was taken to the police station and arrested and charged with causing a disturbance and obstructing the police. Both teenagers were released on bail.

There have been many complaints on social media from people in Gibraltar, especially on the Glacis Estate, about problems with fireworks over Christmas and New Year, and calls for them to be banned.

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