Andalusians earn nearly 8,000 euros less than Basque workers. / REUTERS

A worker in Andalucía earns nearly 8,000 euros a year less than in the Basque Country

The gender gap in Andalucía means that women earn on average 5,000 euros less a year than men


The richer versus poorer regional divide in Spain goes beyond simple prejudice and is supported by a good amount of data. The most recent concerns salaries and it gives a picture which is as enlightening as it is painful, because a worker in Andalucía earns on average 8,000 euros a year less than one in the Basque Country.

To be specific, the difference in this case is 7,900.31 euros a year. The information is contained in the Annual Wage Structure Survey which has just been published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) for 2020, and it also shows that the average annual salary in Andalucía is 2,481.66 euros lower than the national average, at 25,165.51 euros, which represents an increase of 3.2 per cent compared with the previous year.

The study also shows the gender gap faced by Andalusian workers: women in this region earn 5,268.30 euros less than men.

That is the difference between the average salary for women in Andalucía (19,517.52) and that of men (24,785.82). The average salary in the region, therefore, is 22.323.85 euros a year.

This makes Andalusian workers those with the third lowest salaries in the country, behind only those in the Canary Islands (21,631.17 euros) and Extremadura (20,479.30).

The average annual salaries of those in Extremadura are nearly 10,00 euros lower than in the Basque Country (30,224.16 euros), who are the highest-paid workers in Spain, followed by those who work in Madrid (28,829.06 euros) and Navarra (27,995.96 euros a year).

By sector, the data regarding workers in the services sector is striking. Someone who works in this sector in Andalucía earns 7,150.44 euros less in a year than their counterpart in the Basque Country and 2,744.11 euros less than the national average for this sector.

Lowest v highest earners

Looking more closely at the detail, unqualified employees in the services sector (except transport) had the lowest annual salary, at 13,765.34 euros, while the highest earnings were among directors and managers (58,023.75 euros), the group who received the most income for their work.

By length of working day, the average hourly pay per hour for a full-time job was 16.88 euros, while for part-time work it was 11.60 euros.

In terms of type of contract, the study by the INE shows that employees on a permanent contract had an average salary of 26,623.93 euros in 2020 and those on a temporary contract earned an average of 19,228.47 euros a year.