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What will the weather be like in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol this week
Weather forecast

What will the weather be like in Malaga and on the Costa del Sol this week

Spain's state weather agency (Aemet) forecasts a stable and dry scenario in the Andalucía region, with maximum temperatures "above average" for the time of year

Almudena Nogués


Monday, 6 May 2024, 15:50


The second week of May will bring with it stable weather in the Andalucía region of Spain, with thermometers rising to temperatures that will be "above average for this time of year". Spain's state weather agency (Aemet) explained the presence of an anticyclone in the north of the Iberian Peninsula will block the possible entry of storms, leaving a stable weather situation in the region, with little cloud cover and no rainfall.

Aemet's delegate in Andalucía, Juan de Dios del Pino, pointed out that the maximum temperatures will be on the rise, reaching 33C degrees on Friday in the Guadalquivir area. The minimum temperatures, meanwhile, will remain unchanged, at around 13-15 degrees, he added. As for the wind, it is expected to blow from the east, light inland and stronger on the Mediterranean coast. In Almeria and the Strait of Gibraltar it could become strong on Thursday and Friday.

The rains will continue in areas of the east of the Spanish mainland until Wednesday, when they will be limited to isolated spots in the north of the country, according to national Aemet spokesperson Rubén del Campo. On Tuesday, on the other hand, the anticyclone conditions will prevail, with generally cloudless skies. The mercury will rise during the day in practically the whole country. "In Seville it will be around 30C", he warned.

Looking ahead to the weekend, the Aemet Del Campo pointed out that stable weather is most likely to prevail, although he admitted that there is still some uncertainty in the forecast. However, he pointed out that in the afternoon some isolated showers could fall again in mountainous areas in the north, although in general he stressed that in general he expects a slightly cloudy atmosphere and no rain.

As far as temperatures are concerned, the mercury is expected to fall in the northern third of the Spanish mainland on Saturday, with a marked drop in the Cantabrian Sea. Meanwhile, in the rest of the country there will not be major changes in theory, so the warm weather will continue in much of the mainland, especially in the east and south.

As a result, Del Campo pointed out that during the weekend there will be similar values to those of Friday. In fact, he highlighted temperatures of between 5 and 10C above normal for this time of year will be recorded in large areas from Friday to Sunday.

The positioning of a depression in the middle and upper layers of the atmosphere over Spain - structures that are associated with stability and downward air movements - will favour this dry scenario. As a result, the air is compressed as it descends downwards and its temperature rises. So it could finally be time to bring out the summer clothes.

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