Severe thunderstorm, hail and snowfall warnings for Andalucía. Ideal
Weather warnings activated for heavy rain, with possibility of thunderstorms, hail and even snow in the south of Spain
Weather forecast

Weather warnings activated for heavy rain, with possibility of thunderstorms, hail and even snow in the south of Spain

A deep trough will bring wet and cold weather to the Andalucía region during the first half of the week, according to state agency Aemet

Alberto Flores


Monday, 29 April 2024, 12:26


The end of April has been particularly intense in terms of the weather in Spain. Andalucía has been immersed for some days now in chilly weather for spring with temperatures quite low for this time of year and the days are marked by atmospheric instability. This situation will continue to be the norm this week, starting today (Monday 29 April) when there are warnings for heavy storms, the possibility of hail and snowfall at high altitudes in the eastern mountain ranges of the region.

This is detailed by state weather agency (Aemet), which points out that this Monday the weather will again be marked by rainfall with "showers occasionally accompanied by thunderstorms and hail in the eastern interior". And these phenomena may be "locally heavy", especially in Almeria and Granada provinces, where the yellow 'risk' alert has been activated for rain from 12noon to 8pm.

The snow level will remain at around 1,700 metres today, with minimum temperatures below 10C across practically all Andalucía, with Cordoba (6 degrees) and Granada (5) being the coldest. Meanwhile, maximum temperatures will remain around 20C.

On Tuesday the situation will be slightly calmer, although "light morning showers" are not ruled out, with cloudy skies, especially in the far east of Andalucía. Temperatures, however, will experience a slight increase in their minimum and maximum values.

When will the rain stop?

This rainy situation is to do with a deep and extensive trough which, added to the effects of the cold storm that has been affecting the Spanish mainland since last week, will make the weather unstable for most of the week. On Wednesday, in fact, it is quite likely that showers and thunderstorms will be repeated in most of Andalucía, being a day marked by rainfall.

Although it will continue to be quite cold, the situation will start to improve from Thursday onwards, when the rains will start to ease, although temperatures will continue to fall. However, if the Aemet forecasts prove accurate, from then onwards the days will start to get warmer and the cloudy skies will gradually give way to sunny days.

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