Regional minister for tourism Arturo Bernal at the presentation of the campaign María Guerra

Watch the new tourism video for the Andalucía region as the Junta launches its new 38-million-euro campaign

Andalusian Crush uses the region's rich cultural identity to showcase the land to potential future visitors, even using one of the main characters from the Game of Thrones to narrate it

Héctor Barbotta


Tuesday, 31 October 2023


Andalucia's new promotional tourism video is aiming to entice visitors to the south of Spain, but not with the stunning scenery the region is known for, rather the rich culture of the land instead.

Up until now, tourist promotion campaigns have always presented the beautiful landscape of Andalucía first and incorporated different aspects of the cultural wealth of the region.

This time, the Junta de Andalucía wanted to focus solely on the deepest feelings that the culture of Andalucía evokes in visitors. The theme of the one-minute video dubbed 'Andalusian Crush', refers to the inner impact a culture so rich leaves behind in its visitors. Its message is that no one remains the same after experiencing this destination, as warned at the beginning of the video by the voice of actor Peter Dinklage, one of the main characters of Game of Thrones.

The Junta's most daring tourism campaign yet matches its record investment of 30 million euros, which agency Ogilvy was chosen to create. One of its directors Juan Pedro Moreno, told the presentation, held this Monday 30 October at the Alfonso XII Hotel in Seville, that the video points out the inner journey one makes when getting to know Andalucía is not linear, but is full of curves, nooks and crannies. For this reason, the person narrating the story did not have to be an Andalusian, but someone from abroad who had lived this experience. Dinklage presented the ideal profile, as he was one of the protagonists of a global series who lived the experience during filming in some Andalusian locations.

Regional minister of tourism Arturo Bernal said the campaign was aimed at three major markets crucial to the success of the travel industry in Andalucía: Europe, the United States and Canada; and and Asia Pacific. The video will appear in iconic places across the world such as Westminster Bridge, in London; Times Square in New York, or Shibuya, the district of Tokyo which happens to be home to the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world.

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