A community swimming pool in Nerja. E. Cabezas
Tourist homes will not allowed to fill swimming pools with mains water this summer, according to Junta
Drought crisis

Tourist homes will not allowed to fill swimming pools with mains water this summer, according to Junta

A regional government representative in Malaga province has ruled out tourist apartments in residential communities as part of the exception that allows hotels, sport centres and public swimming pools to be filled with potable water

Eugenio Cabezas


Tuesday, 19 March 2024, 19:52


Only public, sport centre and hotel swimming pools will be allowed to be filled with mains water this summer, a senior Junta de Andalucía has declared.

The statement follows weeks of confusion and comes after the drought commission met last week, which determined that the filling of private pools will not be allowed in the south of Spain. However, it still posed the question as to whether registered tourist homes and apartments in Malaga province could fill their private swimming pools in the lead up to Easter.

The Junta's delegate in Malaga province, Patricia Navarro, said, "tourist homes are no exception" when questioned by SUR on Friday. "These measures are taken with the utmost responsibility and with the aim of preserving the human supply, which is the first thing we have to protect," she said. "Municipal pools are allowed, because there are many towns in inland Andalucía where summer is spent in their swimming pool, who have no other alternative like those of us who are lucky enough to live on the coast," Navarro added. Therapeutic pools "as a matter of public health" are exempt.

'There are no exceptions'

Navarro ruled tourist homes out as being included in the list of sites that could fill their swimming pools "as they are framed in single-family homes or communities of owners, in which the filling of swimming pools is explicitly prohibited".

Registered tourist accommodation such as hotels, blocks of tourist flats or aparthotels are allowed, however tourist homes within communities of owners or isolated single-family houses, are not allowed.

Hopeful more rain is one the way

The Junta representative was hopeful more rain is one the way, which will ease the ongoing drought crisis in Malaga province and the wider region. "We think there is a chance that, between now and June, the water resources in the reservoirs will be recovered. This will be reviewed, and after Easter there will be another meeting," Navarro said.

The Andalusian Association of Professionals of Tourist Homes and Apartments (AVVAPRO) told SUR: "we understood that we were included, that tourist homes are included... we will wait to see what appears when the BOJA (official gazette) is published, but we believe that it would be an absolute discrimination to allow hotels and not tourist homes".

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