A scoop of the incense-flavoured ice cream. Heladerías Bolas
This ice cream parlour in Spain that is taking the world by storm with its unusual flavour which is perfect for Easter
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This ice cream parlour in Spain that is taking the world by storm with its unusual flavour which is perfect for Easter

Heladerías Bolas in Seville has created a special product to pay homage to Semana Santa: 'It tastes of Holy Week'

Alberto Flores


Tuesday, 19 March 2024, 11:34

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There are many traditional foods the Spanish eat during Holy Week and Easter such as potaje de vigilia, torrijas, buñuelos de bacalao - and now we can add an ice cream that claims to 'taste like Semana Santa' to that list.

"We always like to make seasonal themed ice creams and introduce new flavours. We wanted to make one that represented Holy Week in Seville and that's how it all came about," Marcos Sánchez, owner of Bolas de Sevilla ice cream parlours, with his wife Rocío Cañizares, told SUR's sister newspaper, Ideal. They have started offering the ice cream called 'C/ Córdoba', an incense-flavoured ice cream that tastes like Semana Santa.

"We went to the Fiances family's incense stall in Calle Córdoba and they told us that there were people who used incense as an ingredient in gastronomy," Sánchez said. When Rocío Cañizares, who as well as being the owner is the brand's master ice cream maker, found out about this, she got down to work. "It was difficult to ensure that the incense was not too bitter, to find the right balance so that people would like it," he added.

When you taste it, as the owner of the ice cream parlour pointed out, you first notice the flavours of vanilla, cinnamon and orange blossom. Then with the aftertaste comes the incense flavour. "We are very happy because so many people have already come to try it. We were a little sceptical about how well it would be received, but the truth is that it's going down very well and we're very happy," Sánchez said.

The ice cream will only be available until the end of Semana Santa, although it looks set to return again next year given its success. "We like to offer ice creams that have their own specific moment and this one is perfect for Easter. If it continues to be successful we will definitely have it again next year," Sánchez added.

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