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Third jab appointments for the over-18s progressively opened in Andalucía this week

Those aged 25 or older will be able to request a booster vaccination appointment from this Monday, and other slots will be opened for the younger group by Friday


The Andalusian Health Service (SAS) has this Monday (31 January) opened the appointment calendar for the booster jab against Covid-19 to people born after 1997, that is, those who are or will be 25 years old. During the week, the age range will be progressively expanded until it reaches 18, making the booster accessible to every age group in the campaign.

This was announced by the Junta’s Minister of Health, Jesús Aguirre, following a session at the Andalusian Parliament to address the public health and coronavirus pandemic situation in the region.

The booster dose can be given if five months have passed since the second dose of a messenger RNA (Pfizer or Moderna) vaccine. It can also be administered three months after the second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine and three months after vaccination with the Janssen formula.

The request for an appointment can be made through the usual channels: the SAS website through ClicSalud+, the Salud Responde mobile application or the telephone number 955 54 50 60, as well as at local health centres, preferably by telephone.

As for the vaccination points without an appointment, people born in 1997 or previous years can go for a booster dose as well as those who received a dose of Janssen or the AstraZeneca regimen; as well as people 12 years of age or older who still haven't had their first or second dose.