Renfe launches new season of its Al Ándalus luxury tourist train: all you need to know about its trips and tours
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Renfe launches new season of its Al Ándalus luxury tourist train: all you need to know about its trips and tours

Journeys on this opulent 15-carriage train last seven days and six nights, operating in both directions between Seville and Malaga. En route it takes in the Andalusian provinces of Cadiz, Granada, Jaén and Cordoba



Monday, 1 April 2024, 23:08


The Al Ándalus train service, so symbolic of luxury train travel and run by Spain's state rail operator, Renfe, started its 2024 season on Sunday 31 March with a seven-day journey through Andalucía that started in Seville, and which will end in Malaga.

The Tren Al Ándalus has kept its new look launched in 2023 that involved a brand redesign by Renfe and modernisation to keep up to the standards and demands of the modern digital age.

The update of the train's image involved revamping the colours, using more vivid tones while staying within the main colour palette that has distinguished this luxury tourist train. The colours used, such as garnet red, are also intended to pay homage to some of the region's most unique monuments: the Alhambra in Granada or the mosque in Cordoba, icons of the main cities through which the train travels.

Journeys on this luxury train last seven days and six nights, operating in both directions between Seville and Malaga. En route it visits the Andalusian provinces of Cadiz, Granada, Jaén and Cordoba. The train can accommodate a select group of 74 passengers, who are able to the exclusive and personalised service at every moment of the journey. Although many passengers dress more elegantly for dinner, there is no dress code on the train and Renfe advises people to dress more comfortably, especially for the excursions.

At 450 metres in length , the Al-Andalus train is the longest that circulates on the tracks in Spain, Renfe

The Al Ándalus consists of 15 carriages, five of which were built in France in the late 1920s. They belong to the same series as those used by the British monarchy for their train journeys between Calais and the Côte d'Azur when on holiday. These carriages make up the shared space for train passengers to use.

A further seven carriages are for passengers' private use. They house 30 sleeping compartments, ten of which are marketed as superior rooms (Gran Clase) and 20 as deluxe suites. In addition, the Al Ándalus has a carriage where a kitchen has been installed so dishes can be prepared and served in the train's restaurants. Also worth noting that the train's maintenance is carried out almost exclusively within this region.

The Gran Clase cabin , with its 8-square-metres, is a charming space that has two single beds, wardrobe, safe, trunk, minibar, customisable air conditioning and a private bathroom equipped with a hairdryer, shower and welcome items. During the day, this cabin transforms into a cosy private lounge, where you can enjoy the impressive views through the large windows, reclining in the comfortable convertible armchairs.

Deluxe suite.
Deluxe suite. Renfe

The deluxe suite cabin offers you an even more exclusive experience. With an area of ​​9.9-square-metres, this suite has a careful design and has a large double bed measuring 2 metres long. In addition to all the amenities of the Gran Clase cabin, the deluxe suite includes a spacious private bathroom with a hydromassage shower, steam sauna and a set of welcome amenities. During the day, the bed converts into a comfortable sofa, creating the perfect setting to enjoy the view of the landscape from the tranquility of your own luxurious and private space.

The travel package - with prices starting from around 10,000 euros per passenger - includes accommodation on the train, which stops at a station along the way each night to aid better sleep, all coach transfers to places of interest beyond the rail tracks, accompanying guides, all onboard food and even some meals at restaurants when on city tours.

More trains, more passengers

On a national level Renfe has put into service a total of 81 trains for the luxury tourist train sector of its rail operations throughout 2024, 3.8% up on 2023 when 2,718 such train journeys were made. As to passenger numbers, the forecast for this season is an increase of 30.5% to 3,549.

Of the total number of customers, some 32.4% are Spanish and 67.6% travel from abroad. Of the latter, 38.5% come from various European countries, especially the EU. Of the rest, 15.8% are from North American, 8.4% from South America, 4.2% from Australasia and surrounding islands, 0.6% from Asia and 0.1% from Africa.

Information, bookings and reservations

Travel on any of Renfe's luxury tourist trains can be purchased via the train operator's website, over phone on the Tourist Train Reservation Centre number, and at authorised travel agencies.

Telephone: 912 555 912


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