Summer-like temperatures of around 30C expected in south of Spain for a few more days yet
Weather forecast

Summer-like temperatures of around 30C expected in south of Spain for a few more days yet

Thermometers across Andalucía will continue to register high values until Thursday when there could be a change in the weather as a new front arrives - possibly bringing some rain and thunderstorms to the region on Friday

Alberto Flores


Tuesday, 16 April 2024, 12:41


The weather in the Andalucía region will continue to be marked this Tuesday (16 April) and for several more days by the subtropical anticyclonic ridge that is affecting a large part of the Spanish mainland this week. It is a situation that will lead to a return of temperatures of around 30C in most areas and even exceed it in several provinces. A summer-like spring that will last until the final stretch of the week, when a small 'Dana' (high level depression) could change the weather dynamics.

«It will continue to be quite hot throughout Andalucía, with temperatures exceeding 30C,» José Miguel Viñas, meteorologist at Meteored told Ideal, SUR's sister newspaper, explaining that this spring-like summer situation will last at least until Thursday, when temperatures will start to drop.

This Tuesday it will reach 30C in Granada and will be exceeded in Cordoba (32 degrees) and Seville (33), which will be the hottest spots in the region. As far as minimum temperatures are concerned, these will remain at around 15C degrees. The situation will be quite similar on Wednesday, but with slightly lower maximum temperatures.

Weather change

From Thursday onwards, a change in the weather will be noticeable with a drop in temperatures. «On Thursday, rain is not expected in principle, but the temperature should drop a little». And it will be from Friday onwards when the change will be more noticeable, with the possibility of thunderstorms and showers in much of the Andalucía region.

«It will be a cloudy day and at some point there may be showers, but a radical change in the weather is not expected,» said the Meteored meteorologist. However, temperatures will continue to fall and will be considerably milder than those of the last few days. «This will be due to an influx of cold air from the south. It could be a day of clouds, showers and thunderstorms», Viñas concluded.

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