DGT expects 978,000 end of summer holiday journeys on roads in Andalucía

DGT expects 978,000 end of summer holiday journeys on roads in Andalucía

The road authority's special traffic operation 'Retorno del Verano' begins at 3pm today, Friday, and will continue until the end of the month



Friday, 26 August 2022, 11:35


Today, Friday 26 August, marks the start of Operación Retorno del Verano, a special traffic operation put into effect every year at the time when the roads are extra busy because so many people return home from their summer holiday. It begins at 3pm and will continue until the end of the month; during that time, Spain's Directorate-General for (DGT) is expecting drivers to make 978,000 journeys on the roads of Andalucía.

In an explanatory statement Pedro Fernández, the government delegate in Andalucía, warned that in addition to those going home, the roads will also be busy with people coming to the region to start a holiday and the normal trips to the coast from inland areas at weekends. He asked drivers to exercise extra caution on the roads and to pay special attention to information from the DGT about driving conditions and problems on the roads.

The roads with the heaviest traffic are expected to be the A-357, A-4, A-44, A-45, A-49, A-66, A-7, A-92, A-92M, AP-4, AP-7, MA-20, N-4 and also secondary roads leading to tourist areas and places with a large number of holiday homes. The DGT advises people not to travel at peak times, which they list as being today (Friday) from 3pm to 11pm; Saturday from 8am to 2pm and Sunday from 4pm to midnight.

Road users can obtain the latest information about the state of the roads by telephoning the South-East Traffic Centre on 952 36 61 01, the South-West Traffic Centre on 954 23 06 60, the 011 Traffic Information Service, or online at, and on Twitter via (@DGTes and @informacionDGT). Radio stations will also be broadcasting traffic bulletins.

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