Suicide rate in Andalucía exceeds the national average in Spain

Suicide rate in Andalucía exceeds the national average in Spain

The regional Parliament debated the issue, which is considered the leading cause of unnatural deaths among adolescents

Héctor Barbotta


Friday, 14 July 2023, 10:56


An alarming trend in suicides among adolescents triggered debate on the issue in the Andalusian Parliament on Wednesday 12 July.

The Partido Popular, PSOE and Vox parties requested the appearance of the Andalusian Minister of Health, Catalina García, to report on the measures that the Junta is taking to tackle the problem, which is especially affecting the region's younger population and those aged over 65.

In 2021, 849 people died by suicide in Andalucía, 316 of whom were aged between 15 and 29 - 68% were male. Another 14, twice as many as in the previous year, were under the age of 15.

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Of the 5,042 suicide attempts that were attended to in the Andalusian health system in the last year there was data, 8% were minors. Suicide is already the leading cause of unnatural deaths in the adolescent population, while the suicide rate in Andalucía (10.28 per 100,000 inhabitants) is far higher than the national average (8.3).

These were some of the cold facts García pointed out, before speaking about the plan that the Junta is putting in place to tackle the issue.

Suicides recorded in 2021 were the highest since 1906

The suicides recorded in Andalucía in 2021 were 7% more than those recorded the previous year, and those in Spain as a whole in the same year were the most recorded since 1906 when records began. A rise in all age groups is noticeable, but particularly among the over-65s, according to García.

To explain the scale of the problem, the councillor pointed out that suicides outnumber deaths due to traffic accidents and are 13 times higher than homicides and 90 times higher than domestic violence murders.

In view of the figures, García acknowledged the need for more resources to tackle the problem and to engage the wider community to raise awareness.

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