Sixth wave of the coronavirus pandemic is "sweeping" through nursing homes in Andalucía

The claim is made by the Federation of Andalusian Organisations for the Elderly (FOAM)


The Federation of Andalusian Organisations for the Elderly (FOAM) has warned that the sixth wave of Covid-19 "continues to devastate" nursing homes in the region.

In just 14 days, from 3 January to 17 January, the number of centres with infections has risen from 352 to 589. The number of infected residents "has increased from 332 to 2,146" and the number of positive workers "from 626 to 1,599," a spokesperson for FOAM said on 17 January.

But “practically 100 per cent of the residents are vaccinated with their third dose” and the vast majority of workers have had their booster shots, the organisation added.

The high rate of vaccination “has saved residents from death and serious hospitalisations” but FOAM remains concerned about “the exponential increase, like never before, of positive cases. Throughout the entire pandemic the number of infections between residents and workers has never reached these figures.”

“Although it is true that in nursing homes the third dose has freed thousands of users from the severity of the infection, it is also true that the elderly are afflicted by numerous ailments and Covid can aggravate them. Certain symptoms are beginning to worsen in the elderly, such as a feeling of disorientation and insomnia,” the organisation said.

The organisation called on nursing homes to “make up for the lack of social interaction” the elderly have to face during each wave of the pandemic. If not, FOAM warns, “We will also end up noticing the impact of isolation in disorders such as depression and the exacerbation of the chronic problems they suffer.”