Spain launches calculator to show when you can retire and how much pension you will receive

To use this Seguridad Social tool the user must have a digital certificate, Cl@ve, electronic ID or acces to SMS messages


"Do you want to know when you can retire and what your pension will be?” That is the question asked on a message posted on the Seguridad Social's Twitter account, launching a new service related to retirement.

The new service is a simulator that allows users to estimate their future pension and the date on which they will be able to access it. To use this service, users need to enter the ‘Tu Seguridad Social’ portal and select ‘interested party’ or ‘representative or authorised representative of another person’.

To use this simulator the user must have a digital certificate, Cl@ve, electronic ID or via SMS, although to use the latter, the telephone number must be registered in the Seguridad Social database.

If the SMS option is chosen, fields relating to identity document, date of birth and telephone number must be filled in. After this, the person will receive a security code which must then be entered and which will allow access to all the information contained in 'Tu Seguridad Social'.

The portal will show how long the user has been paying contributions and the estimated time remaining until retirement. For an estimation of the pension, click on 'simulate your retirement'.

The user can select different options for the years to come to anticipate other situations, for example contributions for different periods of time and amounts and periods of unemployment, among others.