CCTV captured the attack

Search for man who brutally attacked an off-duty police officer leaving him seriously injured

The officer tried to intervene when the man and his girlfriend argued in Cadiz. The Guardia Civil manhunt for the alleged attacker has since spread to neighbouring Andalusian provinces


Thursday, 13 January 2022


The Guardia Civil is searching for a young man who viciously assaulted an off-duty National Police officer who tried to intervene when the man and his girlfriend argued loudly. The officer was beaten by both of the couple and sustained serious injuries in the attack.

The incident happened on 10 January in Cadiz and was captured by the CCTV cameras of a nearby petrol station. All those involved have been identified.

The main aggressor, who lives in the town of San Fernando in Cadiz province, has been on the run since. Searches are being conducted in Cadiz and surrounding provinces.

The man attacked the officer first by throwing punches to his head. The officer tried to defend himself but he was knocked to the ground and kicked and punched more than 20 times.

The woman attacked the officer when he was lying on the ground, hitting him at least three times.

The attacker faces charges of assault, but if it transpires he knew the off-duty officer was a policeman, he faces more serious charges.




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