The bread had not been asked for and was not eaten. / sur

Restaurant in Andalucía taken to court for charging for bread

One of the customers was a lawyer who was angry because the one euro charge per person did not appear on the menu


The owners of a restaurant in Almeria have been ordered to refund a group of customers seven euros after charging them for the bread served with their meal.

The group, one of whom is a lawyer for the Consumers Federation (Facua) in Castilla y León, took the establishment, El Homenaje Bar & Grill, to court because the price of the bread was not listed on the menu.

“When they asked for the bill, they saw that seven euros (one euro each) had been charged for bread, which they had not asked for and did not eat,” sources at Facua explained, “and when they had looked at the menu online via a QR code there was no mention of a one-euro charge per person for bread”.

The clients paid 236.20 euros for their meal, including the charge for the bread, and when they returned home they wrote to the restaurant to request a refund of the seven euros. They did not receive a reply so they decided to take the matter to court.

Article 60.2 of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users states that businesses are obliged to give clients a breakdown of the costs incurred as well as the final total, and the court found in their favour.

The restaurant now has to refund the seven euros it illegally charged for the bread, and pay the clients’ legal costs.