The boy was living with his mother in a quiet Seville town. SUR
Police foil 'suicide bomber school killing' in Seville town

Police foil 'suicide bomber school killing' in Seville town

The 16-year-old Syrian refugee had been practising detonations on waste ground with an explosive known as 'Mother of Satan'

Melchor Sáiz-Pardo


Friday, 26 January 2024, 18:22


National Police intelligence services believe they have aborted what would have been the biggest terrorist attack in recent years in Spain with the arrest last Sunday in the town of Montellano (Seville province) of a young Syrian refugee, aged just 16, who intended to blow himself up this week in the secondary school he attends.

Court papers reveal that officers uncovered that the youth had been making so-called Mother of Satan - the very unstable and deadly explosive that jihadist groups have been using in the last decade. The same explosive blew up the house in Alcanar (Tarragona) in August 2017 where the terrorists of the attacks in Catalonia were preparing their bombs.

The unnamed Syrian teenager, who allegedly intended to take his own life in his school with an explosives-laden waistcoat, had managed to create at least 34 grams of TAPT (triacetone triperoxide, nicknamed Mother of Satan), enough to blow up a 40-metre room, according to sources in the investigation. Police got as far as watching him carry out trial explosions on waste ground.

The mother of the boy, with whom he lived, is also being investigated for aiding and abetting.

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